Name: Frank Seeley
Career Background: Massage Therapist
With Young Living: Since 2001
Why Young Living: The oils complement his massage therapy business
Success Formula: Be perfectly genuine and honest

Frank_Seeley Frank Seeley has been a bodyworker for over ten years and a National Certified Massage Therapist for just over seven years. His work centers around remedial massage and medical massage, working specifically with clients (some under a doctor’s prescription) on their areas of discomfort and injury.

“One day a friend in my business association mentioned how much more effective my work could be if I incorporated essential oils,” said Frank. “I was skeptical at first, but I took a copy of ‘The Missing Link’ audiotape and some brochures home with me and started investigating.”

Frank was very impressed with what he discovered. “The tape made so much sense. Needless to say, I signed up in less than a week and went headlong into Young Living.”

Using Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils in his massage practice has provided amazing benefits. ‘The oils have enhanced my work and lifted my practice to an entirely new level. I have a tremendous advantage over typical massage therapists. In fact, my practice has skyrocketed since I added aromatherapy using Young Living essential oils.”

Frank’s advice to new distributors is to be humble and honest in all their dealings. “You need to be patient and learn all you can,” he said. “Read everything; go to the trainings and ask questions. Then, once you have some knowledge, use it to help others. Things seem to flow from there. Always remember to be perfectly genuine. Don’t be pushy, just focus on developing relationships. This is a relationship business. If people have faith in you, they will be more open to the products.”

Summing up his feelings about Young Living, Frank said, ‘This company offers everyone the opportunity to be completely genuine in offering their assistance to people who need help with their health challenges.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043