In 1993, Elaine Perkus was handed an Essential 7 Kit.Having always been interested in holistic and natural health, she wanted to know more but could not find any help. Eight years later, she finally found someone who could tell her and her husband, Ben, all they wanted to know about the oils, and they have never stopped learning and growing. Over the next couple of years, their YL business started to slowly progress, but it wasn’t until Ben had a conversation with another distributor that some real action started to take place. “This distributor was saying how fast her business was growing, and at first I was feeling jealous,” Ben said. “But then I realized this is happening because of a decision she made.” It was then that Ben and Elaine sat down and evaluated if Young Living was something they really wanted to do. They made the decision to take their YL business seriously, which led them to attend the Young Living East Coast Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. “We started learning how to be leaders and run a business. Going to convention really accelerated that learning curve. And of course because of the energy there, we came back so excited that we immediately held a lot of meetings because we had so much to share.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043