brenda-passeggerAs Sherry Lamarche was showcasing her natural horse boarding facility five years ago, she was offered a few drops of lavender essential oil […]. To be polite, Sherry accepted and was amazed [by how she felt] only minutes after application. Although she had used various brands of essential oils for many years with mediocre results, her experience with Young Living essential oils was extraordinary – the oils worked immediately. Sherry began exploring the uses of oils on horses and their owners, noticing their effect on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. She personally experimented with rose oil and still claims it as her favorite, while peppermint oil has proven the most effective around horses. Gathering and Highest Potential essential oil blends are used at all of her events to establish a frequency that attracts others with similar intent, passion, and drive. To help others build their businesses, Sherry reminds everyone of the importance of educating themselves by attending trainings and conventions, as well as sharing their experiences and motivating their downlines to empower others. Sherry says, “I am very blessed to have a downline of wonderful people who are committed to helping others. We have created an extended family that honors us al1 and uses the oils to empower others, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. I thank Young Living and Gary, and Mary Young for giving us the oi1s.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043  content in brackets removed or edited by Diana Hooper to comply with FDA regulations