Name: Eldon and Nancy Knittle
Career Background: Sales and Service, Corporate Administrative Assistant
How Long With Young Living: Since the beginning
Why Young Living: The integrity of Gary Young and products that work

Eldon_and_Nancy Eldon and Nancy Knittle became associated with Young Living at its beginning. Nancy said, “We started Young Living in the late 1980s. Actually, it was not even officially Young Living then. At that time, Gary Young had just started teaching seminars about essential oils.” Nancy continued, “Eldon first met Gary at a hotel where he was lecturing.”

Eldon added, “I was attending a self-help seminar in the same hotel where Gary was lecturing. I was walking down the hallway of the hotel and met a friend who told me that she was attending a lecture by Gary Young. It sounded interesting, so I went along. During a break in the lecture, a woman fainted just outside the door to the seminar. I was trained in reflexology and several other healing modalities, so I started helping her. Meanwhile someone told Gary about the unconscious woman. He came immediately. When I saw Gary, something clicked. It was one of those experiences where the person you have just met immediately seems like a dear friend. From that moment on, we have been close friends.”

Nancy said, “We were both attracted to Young Living because of Gary and his vast knowledge of essential oils. We had been working with nutritional supplements for years, and it seemed like everyone we were working with had reached a health plateau. With Young Living products, everyone moved above the plateau and reached a new level of health. Like Eldon, I sensed there was something very special about Gary. We both believed in his vision and mission right from the start. As the years have passed, we have seen Gary accomplish his dreams and bring his goals to fruition.”

Nancy advises new distributors not to get overwhelmed by the huge number of products Young Living offers. She said, “We recommend that they start simply with several products they need most and build from there. As they use the products and have wonderful experiences, they will be ready to begin to share with others.”

Eldon has had the opportunity to help Gary harvest the Idaho Balsam Fir at the Young Living farm located about 35 miles south of the Canadian border near Bonner’s Ferry. Eldon said, “Gary called me and invited me to come and help with the Idaho Balsam Fir harvest. I was thrilled to go. I love spending time with Gary because he is so generous with his knowledge and I always learn so much.”

He continued, “I take every possible opportunity to be around Gary and Mary Young. I have even been Gary’s squire during jousting tournaments. We have traveled with Gary to France and Egypt. In fact, I was privileged to accompany Gary on one of his early trips to France. Young Living offers so many great opportunities-opportunities to gain greater physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health.”

Speaking about the value of using Young Living products with animals, Eldon said, “Let me tell you about Boomer, our little miracle dog. Boomer was paralyzed. We took him to a veterinarian and he told us our dog needed immediate spinal surgery. I didn’t want to put my little dog through that kind of stress, so I took Boomer home and gave him Young Living products and massaged him with the essential oils. In only four days, Boomer was walking a little, and in a month the dog was almost back to normal.”

Nancy said, “Gary and Mary Young are just like family to us. In fact, all of Young Living is family to us.”

Eldon added, “I have such a high regard for Gary Young. He is my hero. We are so blessed by being associated with Gary and Mary Young and everyone at Young Living.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043