Pamela_Bigler Pamila Bigler, a Young Living Premier (2004), has distinguished herself by advancing from Senior Star to Premier and more than quadrupling her group volume in only one month.

Commenting on her extraordinary achievement, Pamila expressed that her Young Living success starts with team work and the belief that, “You are What You Think!” She stated, “I make a mental blueprint of my passionate desire. I see myself accomplishing my goal as though it were here today! Then I seal it with Believe essential oil blend and empower myself with the oil blends of Highest Potential and Abundance.”

Along with visualization, Pamila finds Gary Young’s advice “write it down” to be extremely beneficial. She said, “Writing your goals and desires launches them.” She also related that the “Conscious Languaging” she learned from Marcella Vonn Harting has been a powerful key to her success. Pamila explained, “I’ve watched the Young Living Leaders and made mental blueprints of one day joining them as a leader. See it, Say it, Become it! I visualized myself appearing in the Essential Edge. Here I am!”

Brice Hunsaker introduced Pamila to Young Living about 6 years ago. She related that Brice kept talking about how the oils were helping his wife, but she was not interested until Brice gave her the Missing Link tape. Pamila reviewed the tape many times and felt the power and truth within Gary’s words. She longed to improve her health […] Pamila’s husband David shared how thankful and very impressed their whole family was with the profound changes they saw in Pamila’s life after she began using the oils. He said that Young Living’s emotional oil blends were key to her amazing health improvements.

Graduating as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Pamila’s desire was to help special needs children, but first she worked in Psychogeriatrics. “Between the births of my own five precious children, I opened a private counseling practice,” revealed Pamila. Later she worked as an on-call charge nurse to maintain her nursing registration, but she was never comfortable with her responsibility of doling out drugs to her clients. She explained, “I was so aware of the extensive lists of side effects from the prescription medications that I never felt good about administering drugs. I eventually resigned from hospital nursing.”

During the past 14 years, Pamila has been contracted as a Level 3 care home nurse for the Ministry for Children and Families. “Opening our hearts, we’ve accepted 59 troubled and unwanted children into our home. Through my love and commitment to them, I have learned a great deal about myself and have been empowered,” she said. Pamila had struggled with self-doubt and low self-esteem for many years herself, but found her self-image and health continually improving through Young Living products. She commented, “Now I apply White Angelica over my heart with the words, ‘I Am Enough!'”

Her husband, David Bigler, said that people would be amazed if they knew how much Young Living has changed every aspect of his sweetheart’s life. Pamila exclaimed, “I wish to help people understand how dramatically they can change their own lives and help their friends and pets with Young Living!” Pamila shared that she has oiled her Bichon puppies from birth, and used oils like Harmony [for] her dog Daisy […]

Applying visualization, weight training, journaling, and essential oils, Pamila became the 2001 Grand Champion of the Young Living Lifestyle Transformation Program. She recalled, “This was a real turning point for me. I not only began to transform my body, but I transformed my emotional health as well.” Pamila stated that she changed so much that she actually, “started to like herself” Her whole family was thrilled with her transformation. She said, “In every aspect of my life I have continued to transform. I am so thankful to Young Living for my ongoing transformation, to my husband David and my children Tomara, Christa, Lillianna, Andrew, and Marc for their love, tolerance, and support. My heart is also overflowing with gratitude to Gary Young and everyone at Young Living for helping me charge forward in becoming the person I was meant to be.”

Continuing her practice of visualization, Pamila posted “Master Star” on the wall above her computer. In only 3 months, she achieved Master Star. Her husband David has now joined her in the business. Pamila shared, “With a name like BIGLER, thinking BIG is just a part of life for us!” At the Anaheim convention, Pamila watched intently as Jean-Marie Hepworth Friedmann and Marcella Vonn Harting received their Crown Diamond Awards. Once again, she made a mental blueprint. She stated, “I saw myself as a Crown Diamond on stage receiving my award!” As Pamila received her award for Master Star, she remembers confidently telling Gary Young, “We are coming up on Premier very soon.” She believed that her statement set the wheels in motion because only three weeks later, Pamila and David Bigler cruised from Senior Star Level to Premier. Pamila revealed that when she got home after the Anaheim Convention she wrote and posted on her office wall, “We are Young Living Crown Diamonds!”

As a recent winner of the Berry Young Juice Contest, Pamila exclaimed, “The free trip to Hawaii was a great incentive. For years, I have longed to go to Hawaii. Now I am taking my daughter Lillianna to her first Young Living Event. Wow! We are excited and so grateful for the hard work and support of all the leaders on our team. In addition, we could not have done it without all those wonderful people who saw our enthusiasm and snapped up Berry Young Juice for a life-changing experience. What a dynamic team effort!” She continued, “It’s about everyone working together for the good of each other. I have faith in what I am doing and a desire to empower everyone around me.” Pamila established Discoveryteam International with a team website to support and educate her downline as they experience the dynamic growth that comes through working together. Pamila recalled, “Like Mary Young said, ‘It’s only fun when we all get a check!’ That is so true!”

Expressing her joy at being a part of the Young Living team, Pamila shared, “This is a dream come true for me. To have good health is a gift. To help others with their health is joy magnified. Young Living has blessed my life so richly. I am honored to introduce Young Living to the world. I am excited, thrilled, overwhelmed, and totally at the beginning of learning all there is to know about essential oils and longevity. The future is bright for each of us with Young Living. I am so thankful for Gary and Mary Young and our team vision to heal the world. I radiate gratitude and passion from my heart. The more grateful we are, the more we are given. What a wonderful cycle of abundance in sharing and networking. Thank you Young Living!”

Pamila’s Advice to New Distributors:

• Keep it simple
• Cleanse your liver
• Be a product of the product – Share your testimonies with everyone
• Keep Product Guides, Missing Link CD’s, and BYJ on hand
• Share the Missing Link CD – Let Gary Young teach – He is the PRO!
• Get on Autoship – Teach your people to do the same
• Use the internet – put EVERY client into your Virtual Office
• Own an EDR – Share it – See that everyone gets one
• Attend trainings and conventions – Take your friends
• Never be afraid to ask questions – Remember you are part of a team
• Become self-reliant – But call your upline when you truly desire help
• Find a mentor in Young Living
• Share the BYJ booklet and DVD – (This has really boosted our business!)
• Start with a Mental Blueprint – Dare to dream
• Follow Gary Young’s advice – with passion – Write up your goals
• Treat your business like a business – Never give up or quit
• Surround yourself with positive people
• Plan to become the BEST at what you do
• Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference
• Develop the “Team Concept”
• Develop and empower other human beings
• Recognize your people
• Listen to your downline leaders – they will excite and motivate you!


Embrace change with grace and ease as you prepare to enjoy Longevity and Abundance through Young Living – and from my heart to yours – realize that you too have the Heart of a Champion!

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043 

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