Name: Beverly Krupp
Career Background: Network Marketing
How Long With Young Living: Since 1994
Why Young Living: Amazing effects of the oils
Success Formula: Never give up

Beverly_Krupp Beverly Krupp was introduced to Young Living 10 years ago by Merlene Humphries, a Young Living Silver. Beverly said, “Merlene and I had worked together in another company and had become very close friends. When Merlene started using Young Living oils, she kept telling me how much she loved them. Finally, I had to experience them for myself. I ordered some Young Living essential oils and liked them immediately, but at that time, I was very busy with my other business so I just used the oils.”

Then Beverly developed a very serious health issue and Merlene came to her aid. She related, “Mer1ene suggested ways I could use several Young Living essential oils to help me with my serious health problem. I followed her recommendations and a month later, my condition had improved dramatically. It was at that point that I realized that there was something truly wonderful about Young Living essential oils. I decided to take a closer look and really learn about Young Living and their essential oils.”

Beverly said, “As I started learning about the oils, it was interesting that people seemed drawn to me. Friends would stop by and we would talk. Soon our conversation would come around to essential oils. My friends would share with me a problem they were having, and I would suggest an essential oil for them to use. It was so easy to share this way. My friends would use the oil and they would be so thrilled by the results that they would ask me how to buy more. At this point, all I had to do was help them sign up as Young Living distributors.”

Before Young Living, network marketing had already been an important part of Beverly’s life; she had gone into network marketing after a tragedy struck her family. Beverly’s husband became blind at the age of 42. She said, “My husband lost his eyesight and could not work. So I went to work to support the family. I chose network marketing because I decided to stay at home so that I could help my husband and be there for the children. You might say that I grew up in network marketing. I stayed home and supported my children and husband. Young Living has been the best thing that has happened to me.”

“Young Living has really been a passion for me,” says Beverly. “My passion continues to grow as I learn more of the breadth and depth of Young Living essential oils and their power. I feel like the more that my hands are in the oils, the more that I am changed. I believe the more a person uses the oils, the higher their frequency rises and the better they feel physically and mentally.” She continued, “It is interesting that as you evolve or change into a better person, or as your frequency rises, you will find some people become very negative. I believe that it is because their frequency is so low, that they can sense your higher frequency and it upsets them. The best thing is to get them using the oils so that their frequency rises with you. If they will not use the oils, soon you will find that these people fall away. You will also find yourself making friends with people who also have higher frequencies. It is a process of growing and understanding. You get to a point when you realize that you have changed and you realize that it is frequency.”

Beverly said, “My personal success formula is that I never gave up. I kept sharing Young Living essential oils with everyone. I believe that we all have certain talents that will help us achieve our goals. If our goals are to help people, we will find a way. I feel so fulfilled when I am able to really help people through Young Living.”

Speaking about Young Living trainings, she said, “I feel like the training and education I have received from Gary Young has been a tremendous inspiration to me. His teaching has given me the freedom to follow my intuition and use my knowledge to help people.”

Her advice to new distributors is to keep their minds open and always be willing to learn more. Beverly said, “There is so much to learn. We may never know it all. The key is to keep our hands in the oils and keep our minds open to intuition. We must learn to listen to that inner voice that speaks to us. I have seen so much growth in the people in Young Living. I am so excited for this year to unfold. I believe Young Living will continue to grow and that this year will be exceptional.”

Sharing her excitement for the future, Beverly said, “Young Living can take its distributors as high or as far as they desire to go. The groundwork is laid, and as a company, Young Living is prepared. Now is the time to harvest. Now is the time to take action. We are empowered when we take action. Momentum follows action and it will propel us forward. Our actions reflect our passion. I call this process ‘passion driven purpose.’ Together, as Young Living distributors, we can change the world.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043