After seven years of being persuaded and encouraged by long-time friend and Young Living Silver Jill Taylor, Pat Desamours finally decided to see what Young Living is all about.

She discovered that peppermint essential oil is her favorite product and is also her favorite method for introducing people to Young Living due to the immediate results and positive effects. Even in stores, Pat will ask people if she can share some information with them that she thinks could really help them out.

She places a drop of peppermint in their hands, and, to explain the potency of the oil, she will tell them that one drop is equivalent to twenty¬six cups of peppermint tea.

Her long career in managerial positions at CNN and her influence as a leader in the community give Pat the ability to be a natural leader in her Young Living business. Working hard and well on her way to reaching the top, Pat has future plans to travel the world so she can share health and wealth with everyone she meets.

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043