Name: Judy Jellings
Career Background: Cosmetologist
How Long With Young Living: Since 2000
Why Young Living: The power of the oils
Success Formula: Share and be patient

Judy_Jellings As a cosmetologist, Judy Jellings gains great satisfaction from helping people look and feel more beautiful on the outside. However, her work as a distributor has been even more fulfilling because she is helping people become more beautiful on the outside and the inside through greater health. Judy Jellings was introduced to Young Living more than a year before she joined. She explained, “I went to a meeting where a friend spoke about Young Living. I listened to her presentation and thought that essential oils sounded good, but because of a negative experience with another network marketing company, I passed.”

More than a year later, things were different when Judy was given a second chance to become involved with Young Living. At a meeting, she saw an Essential 7 Kit on a table. Judy was immediately drawn to the oils and asked whom they belonged to. William Lansing, a Young Living Ambassador, told her they belonged to him. Judy related, “William asked me what I knew about essential oils. I found out that William was new to Young Living and although he did not have a comprehensive knowledge of the products, he had great enthusiasm.” Judy was so drawn to the essential oils and William’s powerful testimonial that she said, “I had such a good feeling about the oils that I could not walk away from them again. I felt that I had been guided to Young Living twice, and the second time I was ready.”

When Judy joined Young Living, she was looking for answers to several health problems she and her husband were having. She said that since using Young Living products, she and her husband have been amazed at the results. She said, “We now have many of our own testimonials to share.” It is interesting to note that in the beginning Judy did not like the scent of some of the essential oils. Judy recalled, “At first I did not like the smell of several of the oils. Then as my body began to detoxify, I found that the oils I did not like at first, I was drawn to later.”

Now, as a seasoned distributor, Judy is pleased to share her advice to new Young Living distributors. She says that she is grateful that Young Living is different from other network marketing companies and that there is no high-pressure sales or hype. Judy teaches that Young Living products are so good that if distributors share the oils, people will feel their power and want more. Judy teaches that it is important for distributors to attend as many Young Living meetings as possible to get all the new information on the new products and the latest business building tools.

“When I meet someone new, I try to plan my approach to fit each individual. The first thing I do is try to understand their personal needs and then I try to help them with those needs,” Judy said. She has found that many times she has to plant the seed of interest with new contacts and then be patient while it grows. She added, “People should experience the oils for themselves. We must give them time, be patient and believe in the oils. If you truly believe in the oils, you will be patient because you know they will help everyone who tries them. That is what happened to me. My friend planted a seed and then over a year later I was ready.”

“Using Young Living essential oils can help you in so many ways physically, emotionally and spiritually,” explained Judy. “The oils will help you become more joyful and healthy. My wish for everyone is to enjoy Young Living’s essential oils and then share the health and joy they bring you with those you love.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043