Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils offer more than a great aroma.

Products abound with fragrances (some even labeled as using essential oil), but many of these products also contain harmful chemicals. Quality pure therapeutic grade essential oils do not.

What are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils?

Therapeutic grade essential oils are obtained from the leaves, flowers, roots, stems & bark of plants and trees. No chemicals are used in the extraction process of quality pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Why Young Living Essential Oils?

Young Living Essential Oils has gone to great lengths to ensure that they produce the purest, most potent essential oils with consistent quality available.

Freshly harvested and steam distilled, the therapeutic grade essential oils in Young Living’s treasures offer life-enhancing bounties from the plant kingdom, appreciated for centuries for their restorative qualities to the spirit and body, as well as the mind. Under Young Living’s stewardship, pure essential oils are now re-emerging as an alternative to the demands facing the modern way of life. Superior to all other supplements, Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils deliver desirable benefits to the body through aromatherapy, direct absorption into the skin, and when taken internally. Cleansing, comforting, revitalizing, soothing, Young Living’s pure therapeutic grade essential oils bring harmony to all systems of the body.

Young Living Essential Oils: where ancient wisdom and modern science come together.

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