At long last, a deodorant made of all natural and wholesome ingredients! The odor associated with perspiration is caused by interaction of bacteria on the skin and the moisture from your body's natural cooling mechanism. Now Young Living has created a formula without harsh antibacterial chemicals. Instead, AromaGuard is formulated with pure essential oils that naturally keep your skin clean and fresh. Two new scents will leave the soft essence of meadows and mountain mists as you go about your day.

Almost all commercial deodorants contain aluminum compounds. The U.S. Government Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry reports: Some studies show people with Alzheimer's disease have more aluminum than usual in their brains. They also note: Infants and adults who received large doses of aluminum as a treatment for another problem developed bone disease, which suggests that aluminum may cause skeletal problems…. Large amounts of aluminum have been shown to be harmful to unborn and developing animals because it can cause delays in skeletal and neurological development. Aluminum has been shown to cause lower birthweights in some animals.

So that heavy metals are not absorbed and do not build up in the body, personal care items need to be made from pure, natural, and wholesome ingredients.

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