Wholesale Starter Kits

Quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils @ Wholesale Prices? What’s not to Love?

It is super easy to qualify for wholesale pricing – even for personal use! – with no monthly commitment.

Ok, there is one teensy, tiny drawback… You have to order a specific item from the company to get your wholesale pricing (I’ll get to that in a minute). But, they make it worth your while by forfeiting on-going membership fees as long as you maintain your membership by ordering at least once a year. If you are serious about enjoying the benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils, then the discount is soooo worth it!

Here’s How to Qualify to Buy Our Pure Essential Oils at Wholesale Prices

  • Choose a Starter Kit option below. The Starter Kit is a one-time purchase as long as you maintain distributor membership by ordering approximately $50 of product (there are a few exclusions) within a 12 month period.
  • Click on the Order button provided on the Starter Kit page of choice. The button will take you to Young Living Essential Oils secure ordering page with the id of the sponsor that you will be placed under (credit is given to me too).
  • Fill out the form to become a member (independent distributor).
  • Add any other products you want to the Young Living Essential Oils
    cart and checkout.

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