Richard_and_Shauna Richard and Shauna Dastrup (new Young Living Golds-2004) started their journey with Young Living almost eight years ago when they founded Sha-Faun Enterprises LLC. Prior to starting their company, their daughter-in-law’s grandparents had moved to their town, so Richard visited them. They related a wonderful experience with a Young Living product and gave Richard a Missing Link tape. Richard remembered, “Shauna and I listened to it. I was very skeptical.” However, Shauna was interested enough that she called Young Living and asked for more information. She noted, “Eight years ago, Young Living did not have much printed material. We only received a small flyer and a price list. I was curious enough that I ordered an Essential 7 kit.”

While camping with friends, Shauna tried her Young Living essential oils for the first time. She was so immediately pleased with the effects of the oils that she offered to give everyone a foot massage using the oils. Shauna ended up giving massages to all eight of their friends. It was such a great experience that many of them later became distributors. Shauna was so delighted with the essential oils that she started searching for anything she could find out about Young Living. The more she learned about Gary Young and Young Living, the more she was impressed. Shauna decided to throw all of her vitamins and supplements in the trash and replace them with Young Living products.

When they started, Richard made fun of Shauna and called her essential oils “snake oils.” Richard believed he had to see the results from the oils before he would accept them. Even after he did see the impressive benefits of Young Living essential oils, he did not accept them because he disliked network marketing. He saw that most network marketing companies were compensation-oriented and not product-oriented. This disturbed him.

Richard said, “Thank goodness Shauna ignored my ‘negative’ attitude and kept on using, studying and then bragging about how well Young Living products worked.” Both Shauna and Richard felt their lives improving and they witnessed the health improvements of many of their friends and family members. Shauna recalled, “I was so happy that I finally found a company with integrity and products that really worked. At this time, however, we had lost our business due to trusting someone we should not have, and we were destitute. We were in our fifties and had to start over completely. We did not know what to do.”

She continued, “Fortunately, we had the opportunity to hear Gary Young speak. He gave us such hope. We were sharing the oils with our friends, but we had never considered doing Young Living as a business. When we considered our options and reflected on the powerful message delivered by Gary Young, we decided that the best thing we could do was go full time with Young Living.” Richard added, “I cannot tell you how difficult it was for us at this time. We had nothing. Going full time with Young Living required a lot of faith. Luckily, our family gave us support and encouragement.”

Shauna said, “We went about building a business just like we had built our other businesses.” It was only after a conversation with Gary Young that Richard really caught the vision of Young Living. He related, “Gary looked right at me and said, ‘Richard, I am only one person and I am looking for leaders. I do not expect you to know what I know, but you can learn and then become a messenger and a leader.'”

Richard affirmed, “We now understand how blessed we are to be involved with a company that does things for the right reasons and is a product-and education driven business. As time went on, we found Young Living became our way of life. We set our goals, became messengers for Young Living and have never looked back.”

When asked what Young Living means to her today, Shauna responded, “Gary Young and Young Living saved our lives. Gary gave us back our hope for the future. Young Living has given us the opportunity to work with others, and help others. Simply put, Young Living gave us life.” Richard added, “The true blessings that have come to us are not measured in dollars. Instead, they come when we hear the success stories of others and see them catch the vision of helping their fellow human beings.”

Shauna said, “We have always believed in helping others. With Young Living, this is a natural way to build your business. It is perfect. Network marketing is founded upon the fact that when you help others, you help yourself. We tell new distributors not to worry about rejection. Some people will be interested and some will not. Just give out the information and move on. New distributors often are so excited that they talk too much.” Richard concurred, “Distributors must also know that no matter how difficult their life is, they can overcome their problems and still have a wonderful life. We have been so healthy and happy since becoming involved with Young Living.”

Shauna summarized, “Being successful at Young Living is all about relationships. When you focus on helping others build their businesses, you will find success. By helping others, you help yourself. It is all up to the individual. With Young Living you can go as far as you are willing to go and can achieve as much as you are willing to work for.”

Richard added, “The power that people seek must ultimately come from them. The true joys of our Young Living business come from helping others succeed. Network marketing is the purest form of business ever created. We choose to assist others to become successful.

The more we bless other people’s lives, the more blessings come to us. The new Young Living compensation plan is a real winner. It is perfect for those who are interested in building their own business. Every day I am thankful for a wonderful wife and for Young Living.”

Richard & Shauna’s Keys to Success:

1. Desire. The desire to share your Young Living message hits at the very heart of building your business. If you have the desire, you will take action. A person must have a “Can do” attitude, and must never give up!

2. Teachability. You must be teachable. The more you study and use the products, the more you will be a walking testimonial of the products.

3. Knowledge. You cannot gain the knowledge without putting forth the effort of studying and experimenting with the products. This give you a first-hand testimonial that validates what you have studied.

4. Confidence. If you have not studied, used, and experienced Young Living’s products for yourself, you will not have confidence to share with others.

5. Enthusiasm. This translates to “God within you.” We love to talk with enthusiastic people who know what they are talking about.

6. Passion. This means dedication and work ethic. To have passion, you choose to set your goals: short-range and long-range. Write them down and read them daily. Passion and work go hand in hand.

7. Communication. All of us must keep sharing the Young Living message to be successful. Support and help your existing downline members. Always focus on helping your people become successful

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043