Rita_Anderson Rita Anderson, a Young Living Gold (2004), joined Young Living nearly 10 years ago. Rita related, “My friend and former classmate Carl Janicek, also a Young Living Gold, is a massage therapist with expertise doing soft tissue work. I went to Carl with a very sore shoulder. In the process of massaging my shoulder, Carl used the essential oil blend Abundance. I just automatically rubbed the oil behind my ears as if it were a fine perfume.”

Three days later her friend Kim Watts, a Young Living Sr. Star, surprised Rita’s family with a loaf of fresh baked bread. Then Rita received a dozen red roses from Lori McMaster, a Young Living Premier, with a special friendship note. Before the week was over, Rita’s chiropractor gave her a dinner gift certificate. Rita called Carl the next day pleading, “Tell me more about these oils!”

“My first order was an Essential 7 Kit. I immediately began to apply the oils to all the family, including some Peace and Calming on the feet of our teething grandson,” said Rita. ‘The next time I arrived at his home he came running to the front door, dropped to the floor and excitedly threw his feet up before me, obviously expecting more oils. I recall thinking that if an infant responded like this to the oils that we were not witnessing a ‘placebo effect.”’ Rita found that soon after using Young Living essential oils, she believed that another part of the plan for her life had begun to unfold. She said, “I felt that what Young Living had to offer aligned with my personal mission and with Mary and Gary Young’s vision.”

Reminiscing about her background before Young Living, Rita related that she raised her children on homegrown foods and studied the principles of organic gardening. She said, “I owned an herb store named All Natural, and taught the benefits of whole, organic foods and herbs. Eventually, I studied health-related subjects that culminated in a Doctorate of Wellness Studies.” Her holistic-oriented studies exposed her to many different alternative health modalities. Rita chose to practice as a Certified Wellness Consultant. She discovered that none of her health studies or practicum included essential oils. Rita remarked, “I came to learn that both the art and the science of essential oils embodies and surpasses all of my other studies in the holistic wellness realm.”

When asked about the keys to her success, Rita explained, “When I think of success, I personally own it. However, I sense a partnership with my husband, children, family, and friends- among them Julie Ferguson, Patti Rowles, and Vicki Opfer that is never separate from my personal success.” After expressing her gratitude for the help that she has received from others, Rita said, “Basically my personal success comes from being available, being approachable, being studious (to have an answer ready for those who ask), and being grateful.” Rita added, “At the beginning, I would consult with clients who were eager to make shifts in their lives. I gathered research in exchange for my counseling by having them record the effects the oils had on them. These were people I trusted who would be totally honest with me. I was impressed that each of them had a positive outcome with the Young Living products.”

When giving advice to new distributors, Rita said that it is important that new distributors identify their individual strengths and be very clear about what it is they desire from life. “I tell people that being associated with the Young Living team will provide abundant opportunity for growth. It will give them opportunities to exercise their strengths, fulfill goals, and obtain the precious things of life including spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial well-being.”

Rita loves to teach from her belief that we are stewards of the plants and that the life-force they carry has been prepared for us to enjoy in abundance. Rita remarked, “As a steward, I have found that attitudes of honor and gratitude are infectious and will genuinely encourage others. Young Living resonates with the message of sharing and educating others. It is most gratifying to recognize that the workshops I have prepared have been reproduced in similar fashion and are moving in a ripple effect throughout the organization. This means to me that our Young Living message is organic, expanding, and is building a legacy as it grows.”

As President and CEO of Aroma Associates, Inc., Rita acknowledged, “My business model comes from my husband, Walt. He gives me great support by taking care of all the corporation’s activities. With his MBA and a tremendous amount of business experience, he is an invaluable asset. Building a successful business comes down to trusting supportive relationships.”

Sharing her optimistic attitude, Rita asserted, “I have goals that extend well into the future. While I look forward to helping people as I build the business, I know that I must take care of myself to achieve my future goals. With Young Living products, I am sure I will be able to do it. I have decided what is precious to me, and I use it as a standard for discernment and guidance.” Rita teaches that everyone must find the balance between taking care of others and themselves and that everyone must find the flow in life. She said, “When we flow with life, there is ease and peace. I believe that working with Young Living and using the products help us flow with the precious things of life.”

“What Gary is teaching us now thrills me,” declared Rita. “I could see very quickly after meeting Gary that he had been guided to important knowledge, and that he still is.” She has written this mantra: “Among Earth’s most valued and cherished treasures are precious gems and metals and Young Living’s precious essential oils.” Rita added, ”I’d like for the readers of the Essential Edge to ponder what is precious to them.”

Rita’s personal mission statement is also an accurate description of how she lives her life. It is, “To understand and experience the laws of true health and wealth. To live an inspired life that flows forward and outward, blessing and inspiring others’ spirits, souls, and bodies.”

Young Living is blessed by Rita’s wisdom, infectious optimism, success, and continual pursuit of knowledge.

Rita’s Successful Business Building Tip:

Write a short “Doing New Business” announcement to send to your family and friends (warm market), and then make a follow-up call soon thereafter. I suggest you make it simple (easily reproducible). Just share the exciting news that you are launching a new business representing Young Living Essential Oils and are soliciting their help in testing at least one of the products. (Pick something to fit the individual.)

This method of discovery will enable you, as a new distributor, to understand Young Living products more quickly through many perspectives. When you follow up with your friends, make sure your interest is genuine as you listen to their experiences. Also, be ready to invite them to a meeting or offer to hold a home demonstration for them.

It is vital that you remember that whatever leaders do, their people will model. Therefore, we must be very careful that we teach and live good business practices. Our actions will always speak louder than our words.

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043