Name: Rudy Hunter
Career Background: Professional dancer and magician
How Long With Young Living: Since 1999
Why Young Living: The oils are spectacular
Success Formula: Increased knowledge produces increased commitment

Rudy_Hunter While attending a theater performance, the audience is often carried away into the magical world that is being created on the stage. The spectacular effect of the lights, the emotion of the music, and the beauty of ballet all add to the ambiance. The magic of musical theater is something that Rudy Hunter is very familiar with-he was classically trained as a ballet dancer and was a stage performer. He related, “I made my living for many years touring with theater companies doing musical theater and dance work. Professional dancing is very demanding physically. When my body finally gave out, magic carried me through after I could not dance.” Rudy’s love for magic and his natural ability as a teacher led him to write instructional books for magicians. He said, “I have written many books teaching magicians how to do card tricks, slight-of-hand tricks, and other magic. I am excited to announce that I just finished producing a series of magic DVDs.”

While working as a professional dancer, Rudy’s work was so strenuous and took such a toll on his body that he spent a lot of time recovering with massages and bodywork. Rudy explained, “When my body finally fell apart from dancing, I went into bodywork. These days I am technically a Touch for Health practitioner, which is a lay version of kinesiology.” During this time, Rudy’s friend George Koury, a Young Living Silver, gave him some essential oils and suggested he use them. Rudy related, “The first essential oils I used were Valor®, frankincense, and an Essential 7™ Kit. I was immediately impressed.” He continued to use Young Living products and was amazed by the results.

With enthusiasm, Rudy expressed, “What is so great about the oils is that if people use them, they will have an experience.” He also tells new distributors to not limit themselves to just the essential oils because the supplements are so powerful. Rudy teaches, “Young Living has a tremendous array of amazing products.”

“The core of my business is based on bodywork and essential oil classes. I teach bodywork, spinal health, the Raindrop Technique®, Vita Flex, animal bodywork, and applications for Young Living products.” He has found that the more people who learn with “hands-on” instruction, the more excited they become about Young Living. Rudy added, “I have also found that increased knowledge leads to increased commitment.”

Rudy explained that one of the difficulties with bodywork is that people go in for a nice massage and leave feeling great, but on their way home they begin to feel the aches and pains again. “It is a very common phenomenon for the effects of the massage to fade quickly. This is usually disappointing for most people. Using the essential oils with the massage causes the bodywork to last much longer. It creates a residual effect because the oils tend to stabilize whatever bodywork was performed,” Rudy said.

Doing rescue work with animals (dogs in particular), Rudy shared, “One of the most amazing things we are doing with dogs these days is treating them with Young Living products for a variety of problems. We have had wonderful success.”

Rudy added as a final note, “Find your place in the world where you desire to make a difference and then use Young Living products to make that difference. Young Living provides you with the power to make that come true. I am so grateful for Young Living and the opportunity it has given me to make a difference in the world.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043