Name: Tom Woloshyn
Career Background: Holistic
With Young Living: Since 1998
Why Young Living: Young Living has true integrity
Success Formula: Use the oils daily

Tom_Woloshyn Tom Woloshyn was very skeptical at first when he heard about Young Living because he had used various essential oils in the past and wasn’t impressed with the results. Then he decided to try Young Living essential oils, and he was amazed with the difference. “I was very surprised. I discovered that Young Living essential oils truly are therapeutic-grade oils. I had never experienced such pure oils before.” Tom said, “Young Living was the first company that I found that had absolute integrity and unsurpassed quality.”

With a longtime interest in alternative healthcare, Tom notes that he has always searched for simple solutions to health problems. “It always seemed to me that the simple things we do to improve our health work much better than complicated therapies. When I learned about Young Living and their high quality essential oils, it made perfect sense to me. I love the simplicity of using pure essential oils.”

After using Young Living essential oils on his clients, Tom said, “I am continually impressed by the quality of the essential oils I get from Young Living. I have found that the effects the oils have on people are equally impressive.”

Tom has tried a lot of different products from a lot of different companies.

He said, “Young Living is the first company-actually, the only company I have ever done business with-that has been able to pull all the growing information on alternative healthcare together and make sense of it. The Missing Link audiotape by Gary Young is brilliant and brings all of this amazing knowledge together in a comprehensive but simple way.”

Tom’s advice to new distributors is to use the oils and share them with everyone. “You have got to use the oils daily. That is the only way to truly appreciate their power.” Tom said that if distributors will use the oils consistently, there is no way they will not gain their own firm testimonies of Young Living and the essential oils.
“My personal success formula is having a genuine passion for the work. I have a deep passion for helping people. I have found that using the oils is the best way to help them. People get excited when they feel true passion. Once you really understand Young Living essential oils, your passion will naturally grow.”

Tom is excited about how his association with Young Living has helped him increase his effectiveness in helping his clients enjoy a healthier lifestyle. “Young Living has added a number of tools to my practice that help those I treat improve much faster. Young Living also makes my work simpler and more effective.”

He continued by saying that on a personal level his association with Young Living has improved his physical and financial health. “I love the opportunities that have been created in my life, but I think what I love most are the people I meet who are also involved in Young Living. They are a vibrant and energetic group of people and are fun to be around.”

Since becoming a member of the Young Living family, Tom has been more effective in his efforts to help more people. As a bonus, he is financially free. Tom said, “I have a wonderful life now that I am very excited about. Thank you, Young Living!”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043