Name: Rachelle Ellis
Career Background: Homemaker
How Long With Young Living: Since 1999
Why Young Living: The products are amazing
Success Formula: Sharing the oils

Rachelle_Ellis Rachelle Ellis was introduced to Young Living by her parents, Richard and Shauna Dastrup, who are Young Living Golds. Rachelle admitted that she had not been that open to Young Living in the beginning. However, her parents continued to share their Young Living experiences with her. Because of their enthusiasm for the products, she eventually became receptive. Rachelle recalled, “We were spending time with my family at my parents’ cabin near Fish Lake, Utah. My parents had been sharing information with my husband and I for several years about Young Living, but this was the first time we really listened.”

“After our visit at Fish Lake and hearing my parents share the results they had with the essential oils and other Young Living products, I was interested enough that I agreed to attend a couple Young Living meetings with my parents,” remarked Rachelle. It was at these meetings that she first heard Gary Young speak. “Witnessing the depth of Gary’s knowledge and the power of his passion, I decided that I would improve my life and begin to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle. I signed up as a Young Living distributor and began to use the products,” related Rachelle.

Speaking about her early experiences with Young Living products, Rachelle stated, “At first, I was very interested in the essential oils, but it was the supplements and other products that really caught my attention. I was especially interested in the great products for children.” Reflecting, Rachelle commented, “It is interesting how children are attracted to essential oils. We have four children that range from 16 to 8 years old, and they all love the oils. Each one of them has their own oils. When they get an ouchie, the children run to their personal oil box. Lavender and Melrose are some of their favorites. They also love Berry Young Juice.”

With 5 years’ experience as a distributor, she shares her advice with newcomers: “My advice to new distributors is to decide what they really desire out of life. Everyone has to determine if living a healthier lifestyle is something that is important to them.” Rachelle said that she has found that it is impossible to force anyone to improve his or her life. People must make the choice for themselves. Continuing, Rachelle said, “I have found that honesty is the best way to deal with people. When people roll their eyes at me when I tell them about the oils, I let them know that at first I had my doubts too. I tell them that if they really desire to know for themselves, just use the oils.”

Rachelle has had many experiences with potential distributors in the past 5 years. “We have found that most people are open when you share your own experiences. If you attempt to convince them of something, they will naturally resist. However, if you are only sharing information that has helped you, people will listen and be receptive. In order to help them, I am careful to listen to them. After I understand their needs, then I share with them the information I have. I also let them know that they can experiment with the oils because they do not work exactly the same for everyone,” she said.

Sharing information with others has been an excellent way to build her business. In speaking about business building, Rachelle said, “To build our business we work together as a family. My parents and my siblings all help each other. That is one of the best things about having the family involved with Young Living. We work together and we play together.” Rachelle added, “My family has tried many different ways to build their Young Living businesses, and there are many ways to be successful, but for me, the bottom line is to share. I have found that sharing my experiences with the oils and other Young Living products is the best way to build my business.” She explained that if the parent of one of her children’s friends comments about a problem they are having with their child, it is easy and natural for her to tell them about something similar that has happened with one of her children. Rachelle said, “I can then tell them which Young Living product I used to help my child in a similar situation. There is no pressure and no contention or resistance. If they are interested, it is easy to tell them more. I advise Young Living distributors to tell people about their experiences. Often the simplest things are the most powerful.”

“No matter where I am or what I am doing, I share my oils with everyone I meet,” affirmed Rachelle. “At first, I was shy and worried about what people would think of me. Then as I had more experiences with the oils and other Young Living products, I started to become less shy.” Rachelle discovered that the more she knew about a particular subject, the easier it was for her to talk about it. “After we have our own experiences with Young Living products, we become more secure in talking about them,” she explained.

“Another thing I do when I know people are interested is let them use my oils before they buy their own. Sometimes people get defensive when they think you are only trying to sell them something. When you let them use your oils, then they know it is not all about the money.”

Summarizing her thoughts, Rachelle remarked, “I am so happy to be a part of Young Living. I am grateful that Mom and Dad kept sharing their Young Living experiences with me even though I was not that receptive at first. I love Young Living and their life-changing products. I love Gary and Mary Young. I support them in everything they do.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043