Debra Raybern, New Waverly, Texas

In 2002, Debra Raybern went through a trial that would shake even the strongest person. Her hus¬band unexpectedly passed away, and, through those troubling months afterward, she began look¬ing for an avenue that would supply everything she needed financially, yet still allow her to work from her home office, travel, and home school her twelve-year-old daughter. She knew that path would be through Young Living.

Debra is a naturopath, master herbalist, and nutritionist who has maintained a successful practice. In fact, she already had eighty people using the oils when her husband passed away, so she was receiving good compensation. She could have continued on with her business and had enough to take care of herself and daughter, but she desired more. “I was thinking that I don’t want to be seventy-five and still working nine to five,” Debra explains. So last year she began to build her business seriously.

Debra has put together two classes, Healing Oils of the Bible and Family Health with Essential Oils, as her way of sharing. “My philosophy is that if you share the product you will get what you want, which is financial success. I talk for two hours and thirty minutes on the product and five minutes on the business.” And her business is exploding. “Everybody thinks that I can do this because I’m a naturopath, but all you have to do is help people get what they need to be healthy.”

Debra’s ultimate goal is to work on her Young Living business full time. Her next step on the path to financial success is “to skip Gold and go right to Platinum.”