Special Thanks

Do you like to read the credits in a book? Then you’ll enjoy this page!

There is none more worthy to thank for this website than… my husband! He has been encouraging and…. well… pays the bills while I create and plan and try this and that. He, of course, will love it when my business starts paying for itself (so will I!).

I can’t leave out the rest of the family who have been so patient while I’m “working”. There have been many, many moments when they (my children especially) have had to “poke and prod” to get my attention when I was totally engrossed in what I was doing. And there have been countless times when I’ve forgotten about this or that because I have such a one-track mind. But, despite my short-comings, they have shown great love and encouragement!

There would be no need for a website at all if it weren’t for my love of Young Living Essential Oils and the desire to share that love with others.

I am “only” a stay-at-home mom that knows nothing of coding and such, so I have had a ton of help in building this site… In accordance with YLEO policy, the links provided below are not paid advertisements and I will in no way be compensated if you chose to use their products/services. I am only listing them to give credit where credit is due.

This site is “powered by” WordPress (it’s basically the program that runs every thing).

The theme (layout) is a combination of Divi and Divi Schema.

Then, there are a ton of details that would take a very long time to cover, but each link will explain what they feature…

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