Enhancing Your Home

Life occurs moment by moment, and often those moments occur in our homes. We spend about 65 percent of our time inside our homes. 1 We sleep, eat, play, and celebrate life’s special occasions in our homes. Because of this... read more

It Just Keeps On Going

Name: Robert & Phyllis Franks Career Background: Chemist at Air Pollution Agency; Homemaker How Long With Young Living: Since 1997 Why Young Living: The oils have helped us mentally, physically, and spiritually Success... read more

Rewards Come Back Tenfold

Name: Donna M. Lefferdo, R.N., C.M.T. Background: Nursing, Massage Therapy With Young Living: Since 2000 Why Young Living: The oils helped me when I needed them most Success Formula: Working together as a team Donna... read more

Dreams Do Come True

Name: Judy DeRuvo Career Background: Health Food Store Owner With Young Living: Since 1998 Why Young Living: She tried the oils and they totally impressed her Success Formula: You must be interested in helping others Judy... read more