teri_williams The company’s founder Gary Young introduced Teri Williams to Young Living almost nine years ago. Teri met Gary at a health expo in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she was giving a nutrition lecture. At the expo, Teri noticed that Gary was going to speak on essential oils from the Bible. She shares, “I was fascinated by the subject of essential oils in biblical times. Every Christmas, I heard the story about the Three Wise Men bringing their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the Christ child.” Teri attended the lecture on biblical oils and was very impressed. She relates, “I remember that during Gary’s lecture I felt like I was going to fall off my chair because the information hit me so forcefully. It was a life changing moment for me because I understood that essential oils were healing substances we can use instead of drugs. My family had been using herbs for twenty years. I learned from Gary that essential oils are better than dried herbs and are as much as fifty times more powerful. That was the most amazing news I had heard in many years, and I bought several bottles of oil!”

She returned home and had a powerful experience with the essential oils. In fact, according to Teri, Young Living’s essential oil of lavender actually saved her baby’s life. Teri says, “I went into very painful premature labor. We lived so far out in the country that I would have to be flown by helicopter to the nearest hospital. We were planning to have a natural birth. I had tried many different herbs to stop the labor, but nothing worked.” Extremely frightened, Teri asked for a little more time before the call was made for a helicopter. She shares, “I immediately got on my knees and prayed. I asked God if there was anything in our house that would stop my premature labor. I was impressed to use the essential oil of lavender.” Teri thought lavender was only good for cuts, bruises, and sunburn. Regardless, they used the lavender and Teri related that within sixty seconds her heavy labor stopped.

The midwife was amazed. She examined Teri carefully and reported that the baby was fine, but Teri would have to be confined to bed for the duration of her pregnancy. As the weeks passed, every time Teri would get out of bed, she would go back into heavy labor. Teri says, “I constantly used the lavender oil to stop the premature labor. On my due date, I tried to take a walk and went directly into labor. Our baby Joseph was born in thirty minutes.” Her son was a beautiful and healthy baby. Teri said that from the moment he was born, Joseph loved lavender essential oil. As he grew older, he would lift up his feet and say, “Oil, mommy, oil.” This experience made Teri absolutely passionate about sharing the oils with everyone that would listen to her.

Speaking about her love of network marketing, Teri expresses, “Network marketing is the most brilliant marketing model ever created. I love it because it is based on cooperation and support, not competition like in the corporate world. In the corporate world you are forced to be in competition with the people you work with. However, in network marketing, the more we support each other, the more successful we all become. I also love that we can earn income while we learn. In my experience with Young Living, I believe that I have gone through the equivalent of four years of business college. However, instead of graduating with the burden of debt, I was paid as I learned.” Continuing, Teri says, “Another thing I love about the network marketing model is that it allows people to move from survival thinking into creative thinking.” She explained that many times with a job we slip into survival mode. Instead of focusing on what kind of contribution we would like to make to society, we concentrate on paying the bills and just getting by. Teri shares, “In the corporate world we often lose our creativity. But in network marketing we have unlimited opportunity to be creative and use our imagination to help others.”

Teri says that in the corporate environment, the focus is on selling. Occasionally, new distributors are worried about having to sell. Teri relates, “Since we use heart-centered marketing at Young Living, all we do is share. In fact, Young Living’s products are not right for hard-sell marketing. We have an exclusive product line created with such absolute integrity and purity that people are instantly drawn to them. People recognize the value of the oils in their lives. Just by being the loving person you are, people will be drawn to you. Prosperity in the hands of good people is a very good thing.”

“Sometimes new distributors feel inadequate,” says Teri. “When I came into Young Living I felt like I only had one strong quality, and that was my love for people and a desire to help them. But one talent with Young Living will carry you a very long way. As you share your talents with team members, they will share with you. Everyone helps each other with their talents, and together you have all of the talents for everyone to succeed.” Teri says there were many skills she did not have when she started with Young Living. Happily, she discovered that the people drawn to Young Living naturally help each other.

Helping new distributors overcome feelings of inadequacy, Teri asks them to pose this question, “What has held me back from success in previous positions or opportunities?” Whatever it is, this will be the same challenge they must overcome as they prepare to build their business with Young Living. Teri says, “I tell new distributors the important thing to remember is that along with the emotional support of essential oils, they will have talented business partners to help them.

Sometimes all it takes to succeed is to use Young Living’s products on a daily basis. By doing this they will increase their physical and emotional strength to overcome the shortcomings that have held them back.”

The first day in business, Teri encourages her new distributors to fill out a written business plan. She believes that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Teri states, “Our team has developed a Life/Business Plan that is a road map to help a new person identify their dreams, goals, and an action plan. We help them to fi1l it out and then we stay connected with them throughout the process of seeing the plan fulfilled.” Teri’s team celebrates each and every success along the way, even if it seems like a small success, because they think that enjoying the journey to success is just as important as arriving there.

Believing in consistency, Teri shares, “If we develop consistent work habits, we can be successful in network marketing. We do not have to be brilliant, but we do have to be diligent and willing to work hard to succeed. We must consistently apply good work habits on a daily basis.” She teaches that consistent work habits are easier for distributors to establish by being accountable to at least one other person on their Young Living team. Teri says, “It is a buddy system. Find someone on your team you feel comfortable with and commit to help each other. By having weekly planning sessions, you have the opportunity to check in with your business partner and ensure you are both staying on track.”

Speaking about her formula for success, Teri complimented her parents as the best role models. She shares, “They taught us from the time we were young that they were going to give us roots and wings. The roots, they explained, are the skills they would teach, combined with love and faith. The more faith and love we develop in our lives causes fear to melt away” Teri has incorporated these into her own parenting. Her nine-year old son announced he was going to start his own Lego club. Because he thinks creatively, without boundaries or limitations, he had a complete plan to accomplish his goal. Teri watched as he carried out his plan and successfully started his Lego club. Teri’s daughter Elizabeth, now sixteen, also uses creative thinking to create a life she loves. Through diligent practice, she has achieved champion status in high levels of competitive horse jumping. In addition, she has devoted much of her available time to increasing her skills in classical piano and opera singing. Teri says, “This same thing can happen for us when we think creatively without limitations. With network marketing, the sky is the limit. The key to enjoying life is having the time, energy, and finances to nurture the talents we have.”

According to Teri, the past year has been filled with wonderful blessings. She was asked to participate as a guest in the lead generating television program The Opportunity Show. Teri was also recognized in Who’s Who in American Business Executives. She says, “I do not take credit for these honors because it is a team effort. My team makes me look good. It is all about the team effort.” She adds, “It is hard to believe that we make any money because we have so much fun.”

“The main reason for my success with Young Living,” says Teri, “is the grace and blessing of my Heavenly Father, who has given me every creative idea for this business. He deserves all the credit for my success. Also, I could not have done it without Gary and Mary Young and the Young Living corporate team who continue to provide the purest products and the most generous compensation available in the world today. I am so grateful for all my amazing business partners, who have taught me everything I know and continue to contribute daily to my joy. And finally, I thank my wonderful children, who stand by me, encouraging and supporting me in every aspect of this business, and who continually display a grateful heart for the financial rewards we have enjoyed with Young Living. For all this I am truly grateful.”

Speaking about the future, Teri says, “Young Living is prepared for momentum right now.” She adds, “Young Living is a perfect match for people who are excited about heart-centered marketing. From day one, Young Living encourages us to be ourselves and be authentic. We do not have to act like salespeople. We can just be ourselves because the products work.”

Expressing her constant optimistic attitude, Teri says, “I desire to teach people that their history is not their destiny. Just because things in our life have been difficult does not mean that our futures will be the same.” Her life is a great example of choosing continual improvement and focusing on helping others achieve success. Teri’s mission statement is: “To encourage all those whom our Lord puts in my path to discover and embrace their highest calling.” Following this path, Teri has brought extraordinary joy to many people. As she helps others discover and embrace their highest calling, she is also embracing her own.

Teri’s Advice to Mothers:

To have a strong country, Teri believes that there should be at least one parent in the home raising the children. She says, “Women today feel that they are nothing if they do not have a career. I believe the pendulum has swung as far as it is going to go in that direction. I also believe that women are taking another look at the corporate world and find it is not all that it is cracked up to be. The old phrase ‘You can have it all’ is simply not true. There are tradeoffs. Unfortunately, some women are forced to accept careers outside the home over their families. It is time for that to change. It is time for mothers to be honored again.” Teri shares, “Mothers should be the most honored and treasured in society. Network marketing is the only business I know that offers mothers the opportunity to help financially support their families without leaving the home. They can set their own hours and still make a very good living. The Young Living business model is the most brilliant business model ever created to help families.”

Teri encourages mothers to set their business hours according to the requirements of their family. She says, “I tell mothers, when they are on family time, unplug the phone. Never sacrifice family time for business time. Now, I only work four days a week and six hours per day because my turnkey duplicatible success system continues working 24/7 for me when I’m off. That’s real leverage for a parent!”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043