I’ve a great little tale to share… My very creative 17 yo girl superglued three fingers not only did she glue these fingers together (from the second knuckle down), but they were 100% attached to the shell she was working on… Looking through the oil cabinet, I deceided to go w/ Animal Scents Ointment. Using a toothpick as a mini saw, sliding it sideways between skin & the shell, she was freed, with skin in tact and no pain…then we did the same thing between each finger … it was quite impressive…and fast working too. I’d keep ASO in my house even if I didn’t have animals…I use it on the small of my back, base of my spine, and tail bone for pain and tightness (alone or to lock in the base oil) Great for a callous too! It’s very soothing and definitley not just for the four-legged.
Linda Berwind