Name: Delora Styer
Career Background: Homemaker
WithYoung Living: Since 1998
Why Young Living: I tried the oils and they work
Success Formula: Go to all of the trainings

Delora_Styler Delora Styer was introduced into Young Living while she was working at a health food store. She said, “A friend of mine attended a Young Living meeting. After the meeting my friend was so excited about the oils that I bought a Feelings Kit from her.”

She enjoyed using the oils and continued to learn more about both Young Living and essential oils. “I attended a hands on seminar sponsored by YL distributor Nancy Sanderson where Gary Young spoke. After hearing Gary’s motivating speech, I was sure that essential oils were something I needed to learn a lot more about. I had never heard much about Young Living before but just listening to Gary made me sure.”

Soon afterward, Delora was invited to Nancy Sanderson’s for a Young Living training session. “On my way to visit Nancy, I developed stomach problems. That night, about 10:30 p.m., I began getting very sick.” Delora said she continued to become increasingly ill as the night passed. “By 12:30 I was so sick my husband asked Nancy for help. Nancy worked on me for about 45 minutes.” When Nancy was finished, Delora went right to sleep. “I slept calmly throughout the night. The next day I had some discomfort when I touched my stomach, otherwise I felt fine. I finished the rest of the training session. I was so thankful for the oils.”

Delara related another powerful experience she had with Young Living essential oils. “My youngest son and his wife moved to Alaska. She was about five months pregnant at the time and went to see her doctor. The doctor gave her some very upsetting news. He told her that he had some serious concerns about her baby’s health and size.” When Delara’s son called to relate what the doctor had said, Delara became very worried. “I told my son to put whatever oils he had on his wife. My son said that the doctor had told them that if the baby wasn’t doing much better by the next appointment he would have to take it four months early.” Delara told her son to keep using the essential oils. She said, “My son called me after the next appointment with the doctor, which was two weeks later. He was very happy to tell me that the baby had grown and was doing fine.”

Delara has even had some great experiences with animals. She said that she had an interesting experience with the oils when she did a Raindrop Technique on her son’s dog. “The dog wasn’t very old, but was having a lot of trouble standing up.” Delora immediately thought about using essential oils. She relates, “I put Basil and Birch on the dog, followed by PanAway. I applied the oils each night for two nights. We noticed that the dog got up a little easier each night. On the third night I decided to do the full Raindrop Technique.” Delara relates that the results of the Raindrop were amazing. “Ever since that night, the dog has been running around like a puppy. She moves easily and it seems like she never had any problems.”

Delara has ten grandchildren and is very proud of them. She is always helping them with essential oils when they need it. “My grandchildren love using Young Living essential oils. They are always saying to me, ‘Grandma, my tummy hurts. I need some oils.’ I have discovered that children really love the oils.”

Delara’s advice to new distributors is to attend all the Young Living trainings and meetings possible. “You learn not only about the oils, but how to go out and effectively apply the knowledge you gain,” she says, adding that distributors should read every Young Living brochure and book and listen to every training tape.

She stresses that it is vital to first gain a solid base of knowledge about essential oils, then attend seminars and trainings to get the hands-on experience necessary to apply the oils. She enthusiastically stated, “I attend all the trainings and meetings.”

Delora’s personal success formula is simple. “I learn everything I can and share it with everyone I meet. Once you have an experience with the oils, you will be enthusiastic about sharing your story with others. The oils really are miraculous!”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043