Name: Joyce Polatis
Career Background: Homemaker
How Long With Young Living: Since 1993
Why Young Living: The oils work
Success Formula: Use the products and never give up

Joyce_Polatis When her daughter experienced extremely difficult longterm fatigue, Joyce Polatis was devastated. Then someone suggested to her that she try essential oils. “We tried Peace & Calming first. Because of her high anxiety, my daughter would hyperventilate at night. But within a few minutes of its application, she felt much better.”

Joyce said that she had been going to a chiropractor for several years. Since using Valor on her back, she hasn’t been back to the chiropractor. She also said, “Right after the June Convention I started taking CortiStop, ImmuPro and Longevity capsules faithfully as directed on the bottle. Normally I start getting ill every day during July and August because of grain harvest (we are farmers). This year I didn’t have a problem, and it was wonderful.”

Another example of how the oils have blessed her life was with a daughter who talked very early and extremely plainly. For no apparent reason, this little girl suddenly started stuttering when she was three. Instead of clear speech, it was now nearly impossible to understand a word she said. Joyce thought about the emotional oil blends. While her young daughter was sleeping, Joyce applied Valor on the little girl’s feet. She then carefully applied Harmony and Joy on her daughter’s heart and Forgiveness on her navel. The next morning when the little girl woke up, she could talk plainly and she never knew that the oils had been applied to her while she slept.

With seven children, Joyce said that is has been difficult to push the business, but the business has taken off on its own due to people seeing the amazing results in Joyce’s family. She said, “When people see the incredible benefits in the lives of my family, they naturally want to learn more.” So Joyce started going to trainings so she could teach others what they wanted to know.

Her advice for new distributors is to keep using the products and never give up. She said, “The oils work a little bit differently on different people. Not everyone gets immediate results. You need to keep using the oils if you want the results. People need to be patient.”

Joyce adds, “The more you learn and understand about the oils, the more you can help others. People need to know that you not only believe but also understand how the oils work.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043