Name: Shelly Crawford
Career Background: Bookkeeper
With Young Living: Since 1997
Why Young Living: All the products are wonderful
Success Formula: Experiment with the oils

Shelly_Crawford Shelly Crawford was attending a Christmas dinner at her father’s home when she smelled something wonderful. Shelly’s father, Fred Zerr, was diffusing oils from his Essential 7 Kit. Shelly said, “I had an immediate attraction to the oils. My father had recently become associated with Young Living and was in the process of discovering the incredible value and attributes of the oils.”

She was so impressed by what her father told her, and the smell of the oils, that Shelly signed up. “My first purchase was an Essential 7 kit,” she said. “From there I branched out and started trying the other Young Living products. I have never found a company with so many incredible products as Young Living.”

Soon Shelly’s entire family was enjoying the benefits of Young Living products. “I started using essential oils with my two children. Right from the start they loved them. My young son loves Lavender essential oil for his ‘boo-boos.”’ Both of Shelly’s children frequently ask their mommy for the oils. She said that they also love shakes made from Bodygize.

Shelly’s personal Young Living success formula is sharing the oils with all her friends and associates. “It is so easy to share the oils. The mothers of my children’s friends are always asking me for more information. One mother was impressed when she saw how quickly Purification helped my daughter’s bee sting. If you use the oils, people will come to you.”

Her advice to new distributors is to get the essential oils and start experimenting. “New distributors need to get as many oils as they can and try them out. They need to use them for whatever situations arise. It is only after you start understanding the oils and how they work that you have the knowledge to help people. New distributors will find that once they have a foundation of knowledge, their ability to help people will blossom.”

Shelly said that if anyone wants to succeed at building a Young Living business he or she must first use the products and then understand their various properties. “Using the products and experiencing their incredible power is the only way for new distributors to gain their own story. Once they have their own story, they will also have their motivation.”

Shelly’s personal motivation was not only based on the effectiveness of the oils but on her desire to be a “stay-at-home” mom. “I had a strong desire to be at home with my children during the day. More than anything I wanted to stay with my children and not have to go to work outside my home. Young Living has allowed me to be with my children and earn a great income.”

Shelly is very enthusiastic about the Young Living compensation plan and the Starship bonus program. “I love the Starship Bonus! It has allowed me to purchase a beautiful lot near a majestic mountain.” Shelly’s family has parked their 28-foot travel trailer on the lot. “My family loves the outdoors and we go there every other weekend-which is awesome!”

Shelly’s advice to anyone interested in Young Living is to first try the oils. Then, after they have experienced them, they should look at all of the other wonderful advantages of being associated with Young Living. “Young Living is such a fantastic opportunity for any mom who wants to stay home and yet earn a great income. I love Young Living!”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043