Name: Jennifer Crippen
Career Background’ Environmental Scientist
How Long With Young Living: Since 2001
Why Young Living: Something about the oils intrigued me
Success Formula: Be genuinely interested in helping people

Jennifer_Crippen Jennifer Crippen was introduced to Young Living four years ago by her veterinarians. She recalled, “I attended an informal gathering at the veterinary clinic of Dr. John Hanover and Dr. Deborah Rycoff. In the meeting, John and Deborah taught a basic introduction to each of the therapies they used at the clinic. During their lecture, the doctors spoke extensively about using essential oils on animals.”

As an environmental scientist, Jennifer’s career background included working with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Jennifer related, “I am trained to examine things from a skeptical scientific background. I had not heard any medical doctors speak about essential oils, so I thought they were invalid. I was even skeptical of the research studies the veterinarians claimed to have.”

A short time later, both of Jennifer’s horses developed serious thyroid problems. When she took them to Dr. Hanover and Dr. Rycoff, they suggested using essential oils. Jennifer said, “They were adamant that I let them use the oils. Again, I was extremely cynical, but John and Deborah were so positive that I eventually agreed to let them treat my horses with the oils.” After an eight week treatment program, Jennifer was shocked when the blood tests showed that both horses were completely normal. “I was amazed,” she expressed. “Animals do not have a placebo effect. Things either work or they do not – and the oils had worked. That is when I decided to take a closer look at essential oils and Young Living.”

“My veterinarians were not nearly as excited as I was because they saw these types of amazing results all of the time,” Jennifer recalled. Witnessing the phenomenal recovery of her horses, Jennifer decided to further explore essential oils. She said, ”At first, my husband thought I was crazy, but now he uses more oils than I do. I have to watch him because I will go to my kit to get an oil and the bottle will be empty. My parents and sister all use the oils extensively. Thanks to my horses, the whole family is enjoying the benefits of essential oils and other Young Living products.”

In her rapidly growing Young Living business, Jennifer spends her time helping both humans and animals. She said, “It is interesting that sometimes people will help their animals with the oils before they will help themselves.” Jennifer has found that building her Young Living business has been easy. She related, “I find that it is very natural to speak about the oils because I love them so much. I have seen so many wonderful things happen because of the essential oils that I am excited to share my information about Young Living with others.”

Her personal success at Young Living is founded upon Jennifer’s genuine interest in people and her desire to help them live happier and healthier lives. She said, “If you share from your heart, you do not have to speak like a professional salesperson. You can just talk simply and people will understand and accept what you say.” She continued, ”After I saw how powerful the oils were, I wanted to help others. This is what drives me to do the business. We have to spread the word. Everyone should have the oils. My business has grown so fast and has been so easy, I wonder how anyone would choose not to join Young Living.”

Jennifer stated, “Gary Young has said that until Young Living is in every home, we have work to do. I agree – and the time is right. The global market is wide open and Young Living is poised for tremendous international growth.” She added, “If people will just give the business a chance, they will succeed. If they will open their lives to the opportunity of Young Living, they will find great success and enjoy greater health and prosperity.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043