Name: Janet McBride
Background: Corporate America
With Young Living: Since 2000
Why Young Living: Uncompromising Integrity
Success Formula: Always follow-up

Janet_McBride Janet McBride was suffering from a severe illness when a friend noticed a magazine article featuring Terri Williams. “I was very sick and my friend told me about Terri Williams and Young Living. 1 found Terri’s number and called her. Terri was wonderful. She expressed her strong belief that Young Living essential oils could be the turning point for me. I was very impressed by Terri’s knowledge and concern, plus the fact that she presented Young Living and essential oils as a science.” Janet was thrilled by the possibility of getting help and she immediately recognized the exciting business possibilities. “I was developing my own company and saw an incredible opportunity to incorporate Young Living essential oils into my home business.”

When Janet learned that Gary Young had conducted extensive research into the Biblical use of essential oils, it had a powerful impact on her. “Learning about the oils of ancient scripture really struck a chord within me,” she says. “I realized that this was a company that shared my values.” When she found out about the dedication Young Living has to providing the best therapeutic-grade essential oils possible, Janet was convinced that Young Living was the company for her.

Placing her first Young Living order, Janet started with the basics. “I ordered the Essential 7 Kit and Oregano. I started at a very elementary level and grew from there. Now I believe that I have used just about every product Young Living offers.” Of all the products, Janet likes the essential oils most. “Oregano is still my favorite single essential oil. I use it every day on the area of the foot that, according to reflexology, governs the spine. My favorite oil blend is Gathering. Gathering helps connect me with the spiritual realm.”

When she talks about the oils, Janet becomes very passionate. “I really love them,” she says. “Every day I use Sage, Frankincense, Oregano, White Angelica, EndoFlex and Gathering. I have these oils with me everywhere I go.”

Janet’s personal Young Living business success formula is to always follow-up. She said, “It may be cliche, but it is true. The fortune is in the follow-up. So many people fail to follow-up with the people they have introduced to the oils.” Janet is right. Statistics show that it usually takes seven messages about a new product before an average consumer will make a purchase.

Janet’s advice to new distributors is to “look before you leap. Before new distributors jump into network marketing, it is important for them to discover their personal ‘whys.’ Motivation is external and it doesn’t last. People need to be inspired from within. To inspire people, you need to help them discover what they were born to do. Once they understand that, it will sustain them through the difficult days while they are building a business.” Janet explains that everyone has a true purpose in his or her life. “When we discover our true purpose, we don’t need motivation. We are inspired.”

She continues, “It’s amazing how many people I meet who do not know their true purpose.” Janet explains that finding one’s true purpose in life isn’t as difficult as most people think. “Some people don’t know why they are here. I sit down with them and ask them to think about what they would do with their life if they didn’t have to earn money and if they had all the time in the world, because that is what Young Living offers.”

As Janet has used Young Living essential oils, she has come to appreciate their extraordinary properties. She says, “I think that, more times than we realize, physical illness and disease are actually based in the emotional plane. I would encourage people who are having physical challenges in their lives, especially if the physical application isn’t working, to look deeper.”

Janet’s brother served in the first Gulf War. While in the Middle East he was subjected repeatedly to toxins. “My brother was one of the first people I introduced to Young Living essential oils. He used Lavender, ImmuPower, Peppermint, and RC, and was thrilled by the oils.” Because of her brother’s positive experience, Janet has a burning desire to get the word out to everyone in the military about Young Living. “I realize that the military is a convenient testing ground for pharmaceuticals. These are the people who most need the oils.”

Because of her enthusiasm for Young Living essential oils and her passion to help people everywhere, Janet has written a book about the Biblical oils titled Scriptural Essence. She said, “I am completely convinced through my studies and personal experiences that essential oils are the only way for us to enjoy complete health. It is time everyone woke up and realized that absolutely nothing artificial can benefit our bodies and our overall well-being as perfectly as Young Living essential oils. Young Living essential oils are the true secret to health.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043