Name: Mickee Rarick
Career Background: Homemaker
How Long with Young Living: Since 1994
Why Young Living: From the first moment I heard the “Missing Link” tape, I believed
Success Formula: Communication – you have to stay in touch with your people

Mickee_Rarick After years of dealing with serious health problems with her two children, Mickee Rarick was motivated to find alternative health answers. She said, “We had tried almost everything and I was determined to find ways to help my children.” The answer she found was Young Living Essential Oils.

Helping her children and herself by using Young Living products was such a powerful experience that she was motivated to learn more. In fact, since becoming a Distributor over seven years ago, she is most appreciative for the depth of useful information she has received from Young Living. Mickee feels that she has received a “college level” education by attending the Young Living trainings, seminars and conventions and by listening to the informative tapes.

She loves all of the Young Living products, but has a special place in her heart for the supplements and personal care products. One of her favorite products is Prenolone+. “It has helped me so much with my skin,” Mickee said. “I also love Sulfurzyme and Vitagreen. All of the products are wonderful, natural and have no adverse side effects.”

Mickee has built a successful business based on her firm testimony of the effectiveness of Young Living products, and also by focusing on good communication. “Staying in touch with people by phone, newsletter and computer has helped my business grow.” Mickee stated that she is very thankful for all the help she has received from others within Young Living. People helping people is what Young Living is all about.

“I am deeply grateful to Young Living for helping my family by teaching us how to take charge of our own health. God bless Gary Young and Young Living.”

Mickee enthusiastically states, “Young Living has totally changed my life! In fact, when I share with people about Young Living, I say this company will change their lives.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043