Name: Julie Chertow
Career Background: Bodywork/education/healing
How Long With Young Living: Since 1996
Why Young Living: Instant connection with the oils
Success Formula: Focus on helping others

Julie_Chertow Julie Chertow’s good friend and fellow massage therapist Sophia Sharpe called her and mentioned that she wanted Julie to look at essential oils. Julie said, “I told Sophia that I was not interested. As a massage therapist, I had tried essential oils many times. In fact, I had used fifteen or twenty different brands of essential oils in my bodywork. I had a whole bag of essential oils that I had bought over the years because they had a nice fragrance. I did not desire any more.”

At that time, Julie had been doing bodywork for fourteen years. She had applied essential oils to her clients many times and had never seen them make a difference on anyone. However, Sophia never gave up. Julie related, “Sophia continued to urge me to use the oils and I kept resisting. She would say, ‘But these are different.’ I would reply, ‘Yeah, yeah.'”

Six months later, Julie went to Sophia for a bodywork session. Julie said, “I was going through an emotionally difficult time. During our session, she put a drop of Joy on me. Within thirty seconds, I felt a lifting and release of the heaviness and sadness from my heart. I went from complete sadness to total joy and elation. I was amazed. I asked her, ‘What did you just do?'” Sophia said, ‘This is what I have been trying to tell you. Young Living essential oils are different from the rest.” Julie related, “I was so excited that I begged her to sign me up and teach me everything that she knew.”

Julie ordered an Essential 7 kit and Seventh Heaven kit. She did not have any training or literature to learn about essential oils, so she just started using them in her bodywork. Julie explained, “I immediately saw profound changes with my clients. I used to get results with bodywork before, but nothing like I have been able to achieve since I started using Young Living essential oils. The interesting thing is the results are consistent. I see the same results with the same oils again and again. I love that about the oils.” The essential oils were so inspiring that Julie started going to all the Young Living training sessions.

Giving her advice to new distributors, Julie advises that they use the oils and have a personal experience. She stated, “After people use the products, then they really get it.” She has found that after people have their own experiences, there is a natural desire to share. Julie helps her new distributors properly structure their businesses to be efficient. She teaches distributors that whenever they share the oils, they are never wasting time. Even if it does not look like results are happening, it will come back to them in various ways. Julie shares, “Do not get discouraged if someone is not ready. When they are ready, they will come.

At first, Julie was resistant to doing Young Living as a business. She said, “I did not care about building a business; I was only trying to help people. Then I started getting checks in the mail.” Julie called Sophia, who explained that Julie’s business was growing whether she was aware of it or not, and that as long as it was growing, Julie might as well structure it to operate effectively. With her improved business structure, Julie’s checks from Young Living doubled.

Working with so many people for so many years, Julie saw a lot of pain and misery. As she helped people, she would often reflect on nature. She shared, “There is such an absolute perfection in nature. I would watch a tree or a flower and see that they do not judge or have an opinion. They just stand in their absolute glory of what they are. I also noticed how being in nature changes people.” When Julie started using Young Living essential oils and saw how profoundly they influenced the people she was working on, she found herself comparing the effects of the oils to the effects of nature. She expressed, “I started to see that Young Living essential oils help people come back to their true divine nature. The oils help people become more like nature, more simple and pure.”

Expressing her feeling for Gary and Mary Young, Julie said, “Gary and Mary have so much integrity and love for people. They have such a deep desire to uplift humanity. I am grateful for my association with Young Living and Gary and Mary Young.”

Julie stated, “Essential oils were the original medicine on our planet. Through nature, God has given us everything to heal ourselves. Those of us who are drawn to Young Living are responding to this truth. The world is ready for our message. People are yearning for it. There has never been a better time for us to step forward and share with the world the amazing gift we have – Young Living essential oils!”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043