A seven-year veteran of Young Living, Tsutomu Nakazawa has been sharing the message of health and wellness with others for a long time. But he still has many more people to share with. He says, “I want to share the benefit of the essential oils with everyone and want everyone to be healthy. To get many people to know how wonderful Young Living’s pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are is my purpose and goal in life.”

Tsutomu was introduced to Young Living by a friend whom he considered trustworthy. He told Tsutomu about the “beautiful products that will change this society.” Since then, Tsutomu has been able to share these beautiful products with everyone he meets with confidence.

To introduce others to Young Living, Tsutomu holds workshops about health and the environment for his downline, as well as for new members. He also shares the oils with his family and friends. A favorite hobby of Tsutomu is mountain climbing; afterward, he applies peppermint and vetiver to his tired friends to restore their vitality.
Tsutomu states, “What I think is so beautiful is that everyone, including children, can benefit from the essential oils. By getting the oils in our daily lives, we can keep our bodies and spirits healthy.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043