Vicki_Opfer Vicki Opfer, a Young Living Diamond (2003), was teaching natural healing at the time she heard about Young Living. “I had been involved with natural healing for about 20 years when I was introduced to the oils. I felt that they were not of interest to me because at the time we were trying to teach people how to save lives, and I thought aromatherapy and essential oils meant just having a better day.”

It was her daughter’s persistence that finally got Vicki to try Young Living essential oils. “My daughter Jessica insisted that I buy her an Essential 7 kit. She didn’t give up, so I gave in and bought it. Then I began to observe the wonderful results of using the oils, which made me very curious. I went on to study the oils for the next two years before I decided to pursue essential oils on a permanent basis. Today I believe essential oils are a profound support to health and wellness, and it is a perfect business for anyone who likes to help people.”

Vicki examined the oils very carefully due to her extensive background in science. “In college I studied math, computer science and engineering. I worked for the U.S. Geological Survey doing earthquake risk analysis for geophysicists on a computer.” She said, “Most people have confidence in science and want to know why or how the oils work. I love the science behind the oils. There is such an outpouring of research and science coming out today on essential oils. Because of this scientific research, Young Living’s essential oils have taken a quantum leap over other natural healing modalities.”

When working in the alternative healthcare industry, Vicki loved the work, but was concerned about providing an adequate income for her family. “People I knew in the alternative healthcare industry were always saying, ‘do what you love and prosperity will follow,’ but I looked around and everyone I saw was poor. It is completely different with Young Living. With Young Living, over and over again I’ve seen my friends become prosperous.” Vicki said that Young Living provides the opportunity to help others without sacrificing one’s own needs. “It is so wonderful to finally have the finances necessary to really help people without having to do without food, clothing or shelter. Young Living is the best way I have found to have the freedom to help others.”

She continues, “I think some people are turned off by network marketing. This is because so many network marketing companies are shallow and full of hype. These unscrupulous companies have tainted the network marketing industry. When I teach, I tell people that I can show them how to build a successful Young Living business with integrity and without resorting to hype. Young Living has complete integrity.

Vicki’s advice to new distributors is simple yet profound. “New distributors need to understand that those of us who have achieved high ranks of achievement are no different than they are. Anyone can do it. Really, it is just a matter of figuring out how to do it and then doing it. We can teach people how to do it; they just need to make it happen. It’s a matter of overcoming fears and sharing the power of essential oils and Young Living.”

The evidence of Vicki’s genuine desire to help everyone within the Young Living family is shown by work to develop a computer program designed to help distributors build their businesses. “I helped design a computer program called the Young Living Family program. It allows people to look at a screen and see exactly what is happening in their group. You can see strong points and places where improvement is necessary. It is easy to use and gives all of the information essential to build a Young Living business.”

Young Living has had a profound impact on Vicki’s life. She said, “I’ve seen the oils work. How can you go back to living the way you were after you have witnessed the power of the oils? I have had so many wonderful experiences with essential oils.” Vicki believes that essential oils are so powerful that everyone who uses Young Living products will witness a change in his or her life.

“Life becomes so different once we have been introduced to the oils,” said Vicki. “After we have felt their power, we can never go back. Life will never be exactly the same again for us as it was before we knew about essential oils.

“Other than helping people change their lives, one of the best things to come out of my association with Young Living is that my horizons have really been expanded.” Vicki said that she cherishes her travels with Gary and Mary Young to Egypt, Turkey and France. “I have had experiences like riding through the Arabian desert on a stallion, visiting the pyramids and walking the streets of Ephesus where Paul spoke to the Ephesians and where Jesus walked. I have had experiences that before Young Living I could only have dreamed about.”

She also expressed that the lifelong friendships she has developed with Young Living bring her great joy. “Having Young Living in my life has given me a level of joy that I cannot really express. I have so many dear, sweet friends. I think of everyone at Young Living as my family.”

Vicki related a story that she read years ago. She said, “There is a Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) article that was quoted by Ann Landers about 15 years ago. Ann said the article stated that the number of people in this country who die as a result of hospital-caused mistakes is equivalent to three jumbo jets crashing every two days. Remember that was about 15 years ago. Can you imagine what those numbers would be today? I like to think that the work I do with people is hopefully helping keep some of them off those crashing planes.

“For me, essential oils are the most profound healing modality on the planet. And that is based on my 30 years of experience with natural healing.” Vicki continued by saying, “What a wonderment to actually do something that is profoundly useful to others and to have the financial freedom to really help them.”

Helping people today is only a part of what motivates Vicki. She is also very focused on the future. “My personal mission is to teach people today in a way that ensures that children in the future won’t have to be so sick. I love children. I believe that in the future, essential oils will just be a natural part of a mother’s care for her family. We need to reach out to people and help them understand the oils so that they can make them a natural part of every family’s lifestyle. When we teach people about essential oils, and they in turn teach their children, the generational process begins.”

Vicki continued, “In a way, helping people understand Young Living essential oils is like doing random acts of love or kindness for people in the future. Those we teach about the oils today will then teach others who will never know us. The things we do today, the people we introduce to Young Living essential oils, will change the future of medicine. It’s fun to think that we are making a difference every single day to make the future world a better place. Lives are being changed. It is an honor to be a part of that work. I truly thank God for Young Living every day.”

With people in Young Living like Vicki Opfer striving to make the world a better place, we can all look forward to a bright and healthy future, not only for ourselves, but for our children and their children as well.

Vicki’s Five Elements for Success:

(She says you need to have all five if you want to succeed.)

1. Share – You must share the oils and products with others.

2. Enroll – You can share all day, but if you don’t enroll it ends there. “It took me several years to get up the nerve to ask, ‘Would you like to order something?’ Amazingly, once I started to ask, people almost always said yes.”

3. Follow-up – You can share and enroll, but you must maintain contact and teach people how to use their products. When new orders arrive, you need to make sure your people use them.

4. Teach people how to share with others – You must help people duplicate your efforts. You have to help them learn to share, enroll and follow-up. You need to help them learn how to enroll their loved ones.

5. Develop leadership – This means developing yourself as well as others. You can’t do it all by yourself. You need to help people stand on their own. Before you can help someone else stand, you need to learn how to do it yourself. You have to believe in yourself, and then believe in the other people until they can believe in themselves. A key to developing good leaders is believing in people so strongly that they begin to believe in themselves.

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043