Michael Dale/Damien Jones – Lakemba, New South Wales, Australia

Michael Dale and Damien Jones weren’t expecting to start a Young Living business. It just sort of happened. When they were first introduced to Young Living in 2004, Damien was, and still is, work¬ing as a legal secretary. Michael was a lecturer in voice at the University of Sydney. It was when Michael started taking Berry Young Juice® (now NingXia Red™) and people began commenting on the difference in his appearance and his vitality that Michael and Damien began sharing with others. And in their opinion, Michael’s medical condition (the reason he started taking BYJ) has become a passport to a new life.

In April 2005, Michael and Damien had the fortunate opportunity to spend a day with Gary and Mary Young. During that time, Mary gave them a piece of advice that has proven very useful. She said, “Don’t sign up lots of new distributors at one time. I don’t care how clever you are, you can only support two or three people at a time properly.” Michael has taken that suggestion and found a way to incorporate it into his business. He will often present to several small groups a day, focusing on building relationships. But he also focuses strongly on one or two frontline distributors to help them develop their own businesses.

“He has been known to practically move in with them in order to kick-start their new business,” Damien explained. Michael has a six-week program to train new distributors. In the first two weeks, Michael does the entire presentation so the distributors can watch and learn. The next two weeks, they split the presentation and each do a part. During the last two weeks, the new distributor does the entire presentation with Michael giving feedback.
In the end, Michael and Damien know that Young Living is about helping people and building rela¬tionships. “We don’t look for customers,” they say. “We look for people to help.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043