Name: David Easterbrooks
Carreer Background: Real Estate Franchise Owner
With Young Living: Since 1998
Why Young Living: Powerful products and unique leadership
Success Formula: Share the EDR, demonstrate the oils, show benefits and keep it simple

David_Easterbrooks David Easterbrooks learned about Young Living when a long time business friend sent him The Missing Link audiotape. David said, “When I listened to the tape, I asked myself ‘What if this is true?’ The tape was so compelling and so strong. I knew that if I found it was true, I would have to do something about it.”

David was so intrigued by the tape that he flew to Young Living’s corporate office to meet with Gary and Mary Young. Unfortunately, they were not there. “They had the best excuse I have ever heard for missing a meeting,” David recalled. “Gary and Mary were on the other side of the world in Pakistan with the Hunsa people, figuring out how people live to be over 120 years old.” Instead of Gary and Mary, he met with the Young Living corporate team and was very impressed.

“While I was there I had an extraordinary peppermint experience,” David related. “When you use peppermint for the first time, it can be somewhat of a shock because it is so powerful. I rubbed some of the essential oil on my hands and then accidentally got some in my eyes. That was an experience I will never forget.

“Actually, when I used the oils, I immediately felt a physical and emotional change. Now I use numerous nutritional and personal care products from Young Living every day and I love to get ‘oiled.'”

Before joining Young Living, David owned three Century 21 real estate franchise offices in Southern California. He said, “I saw that a Young Living business had all the major benefits of owning a franchise without the downside. The corporate office takes care of all the accounting, bookkeeping, product shipment, day-to-day operations and employee needs. My job is just to share the products.”

David’s personal success formula is to keep things simple so that new people are not overwhelmed. He also suggests that new distributors use as many of the products as they can every day. He said, “With the wide range of Young Living products, distributors should try two or three new products every month.”

When introducing new people to Young Living, David suggests relying upon a well established reference book. He said, “The power in this is that it shows the credibility of the science and the effectiveness of the essential oils. After people determine what they want, I demonstrate the products to get their emotional response. This is the easiest way to show people that Young Living products are special and different.”

David prefers to work with one person at a time and build a personal relationship. He said, “I have found that working one-on-one tends to have lasting results and is more effective for me. You need to recognize that people are looking for benefits and results more than they are specific ingredients. Testimonies will connect people with the products. People want to know what’s in it for them.”

Speaking about the business side of Young Living, David said, “In addition to the wonderful health benefits I now enjoy, my Young Living business gives me freedom of time and the choice to do what I want with my life. Freedom of time allows me to enjoy activities with my children that would be impossible with a regular job or business. I also have a passion for religious projects. I now have the opportunity to equip missionaries with the wonderful Young Living products to help keep them healthy.”

Summing up his feelings about the freedom Young Living gives him, David said, “I spent two weeks in Egypt with Gary and Mary Young. While there I went sailing on the Nile River near the Aswan dam on a felucca with Nubians-has anyone else done that? I strongly encourage everyone to renew their own health and life with Young Living essential oils.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043