Name: Nancy Sanderson
Career Background: Homemaker
How Long with Young Living: From the Beginning
Why Young Living: The oils changed my life
Success Formula: Sharing – you need to share with everyone you meet

Nancy_Sanderson For years Nancy Sanderson suffered from respiratory challenges. Seeking a solution to her health problems, she heard about essential oils and Young Living. At the time, she could afford to purchase only two oils, so she bought Lavender and R.C. These two oils were so beneficial in supporting her respiratory system that she began to share them with her friends.

“Lavender and R.C.-with these two oils I built my business! I shared them with everyone I knew,” said Nancy. “Not one person gets by me without hearing about the oils. I don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to improve their lives by using Young Living essential oils. Every person who used R.C. signed up.”

When Nancy arranged her first meeting, only one lady showed up. Nancy was very disappointed, but later that afternoon the lady brought three people to her home. Nancy says that she never gave up. From that humble beginning, she now has over 52,000 people in her Young Living organization!

Nancy tells people who say they don’t know enough people, “I live in a little town of only 800 people. If I can do it, they can too.

“I am always telling everyone about Young Living,” Nancy stated. “When we go out, my girls will say, ‘Mom, when we’re shopping do you have to mention the oils to everyone?’ I answer, ‘Yes I do, because if I don’t, that person could be looking for something to change his life. If I don’t say something, I might have been the one to make a difference, and I didn’t.’

“I have a testimony on Lavender,” she continues. “Our dog Happy went on a camping trip with my husband. They traveled 15 miles a day. After eight days Happy could hardly walk. Blaine applied Lavender to her pads. The next morning she was running all over the place like she did when they first started the trip.

“I love the products so much,” she continues, “I tell everyone about them. It’s not like I set aside a particular time to work each day; I just share with everyone I meet during the day. Young Living is the best way to be healthy and financially free.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043