Name: Theresa Wright
Career Background: Therapist
With Young Living: Since 1997
Why Young Living: The oils unlock true healing
Success Formula: Keep it simple. Enjoy your life, be a product of the product and just watch what happens

Theresa_Wright These days Theresa Wright loves life.

She says, “Young Living is this great adventure that takes your life to exciting places … like a dolphin cruise in the Sea of Cortez. (Vacations like this were few and far between before I met Young Living).”

Theresa’s life was not always filled with freedom and adventure. At one time she was frustrated by her modest income and poor health. “At 30, I had the intestines of a 75 to 80 year old,” she said. Theresa had used every alternative healing modality she could find. “I would just start to feel better when, suddenly, my health would collapse. My physical condition was life threatening.”

Theresa knew instinctively that whatever was wrong with her body was beyond the reach of the things she had done to that point. “It was at a far deeper level,” she said. Then she heard a seminar by Gary Young, and it changed her life. “I actually burst into tears. I ordered $200-300 worth of oils, which at that time was quite a stretch for me.”

She loved the oils immediately and was sure she had spent her money wisely. Theresa felt within herself that the oils were actually reaching the very core of her problem. Reflecting on her feelings, she said, “Young Living products transform and empower you to move forward with your life. The financial success is wonderful, but the fulfillment you get from seeing lives changed-including your own-is beyond financial rewards.”

Theresa has great advice for new distributors. “I found that for every positive effort I put into sharing the oils, positive things multiplied and came back to my business. I’ve gone to most of the major trainings and Conventions offered by Young Living in the last five years and, without a doubt, they have accelerated my business. It’s the energy of the thing. Whatever you put in comes back to you greatly multiplied in terms of your effectiveness.”

Theresa continues, “I feel I’ve lived most of my life as an extra in somebody else’s movie. But since I discovered the oils, I’ve become the star of my own show and I love it! I always wanted to have my own business. I dreamed of working with equals to create freedom in my life and in theirs. Young Living is making all my dreams come true and it can do the same for you. The greatest key to my success has been doing what I love and loving what I do!”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043