Quality seed to seal premium essential oils

Quality premium essential oils have nothing to do with Apples, Strawberries, and Tomatoes… or does it?

Whether you plan to buy quality seed to seal premium essential oils wholesale or retail, you need to know that premium essential oils differ widely from company to company – just like herbal and nutritional supplements. Understanding this is crucial to you, the consumer.

Some producers use unethical practices to stretch the contents for financial gain. Articles online and in magazines abound about the dangers of using vitamins and supplements (overdosing on vitamins or certain herbs can cause liver damage… or worse). For those willing to take the chance, there are the claims that only 1/3 of tested products actually contain what is listed on the bottle. Certainly a good argument for not bothering! Keep reading to learn more about quality therapeutic grade essential oils and how they are created.

On the flip side, over the past decade I've read horror stories about pharmacists diluting drugs, manufacturers adding fillers, and tainted vaccinations. Adverse drug reactions from pharmaceuticals are a growing problem – resulting in over 100,000 deaths a year (and we need to beware of herbs?)!

It reminds me of this Bible verse:

He coveteth greedily all the day long: but the righteous giveth and spareth not.

Proverbs 21:26, KJV

Such information is enough to make a person feel confused!

Which way to go?

The good news is, we are not left to flounder about on our own.

God is not the author of confusion, but of peace

1 Cor. 14:33, KJV

Quality seed to seal premium essential oils starts with the soil – just like apples, strawberries, tomatoes and anything else you can eat.

Quality seed to seal premium essential oils are obtained by the same basic guidelines for growing tasty, nutritious fruits and veggies. That's it in a nutshell… so to speak.

Let me explain… (If you've ever had your own garden, you probably already understand the difference.) My dad grows his own tomatoes. He makes sure they have just the right amount of water and fertilizer. He pulls the weeds. He waits patiently until the fruit completely ripens on the vine before picking. His efforts produce tomatoes that are full of aroma and flavor. There is such a difference in quality that he refuses to eat the vine-ripened tomatoes available from the grocery store because they are “tasteless” in comparison.

There are few things that are vital to the development of tasty fruit:

  • soil nutrients (no nutrients in the soil = no nutrition in your food)
  • water (think cactus versus kelp)
  • even the number of hours of sunshine makes a difference

Young Living Essential Oils takes special care in locating ideal growing conditions, preparing the soil for planting, choosing areas with clean water sources, and monitors the level of water per plant variety.

Seed Variety is Essential to Therapeutic Value

Once a great location is found to grow the plants of choice, what seed is planted is the next essential element. For instance, there are hundreds of varieties of apples. People typically think of an apple as being a sweet, juicy treat; but, if that is what you are expecting when you bite into a tart Granny Smith you will be bitterly disappointed!

Young Living Essential Oils does extensive research on quality therapeutic grade essential oils to determine which variety of each plant will yield optimal levels of their therapeutic value.

Essential Oil Production is Determined by the Time of Day Plants are Harvested

We used to have a very large patch of strawberries.

When we picked the strawberries in the cool of the morning, they would last for several days. However, if picked in the afternoon heat, they would spoil very quickly. Obviously, ripe strawberries are very delicate, but have an exquisite aroma and taste. Grocery stores simply are not able to carry truly vine-ripened strawberries because they stay good for long. They've worked around this by offering a variety that turns red and lasts longer, but is missing much of the taste. I personally refrain from eating these plastic tasting berries as much as possible. Sometimes, I think, an artificial scent is sprayed on them just to make the consumer believe that these will taste supreme, yet the taste offers nothing but disappointment.

Young Living understands each plant's growth and has determined the best time of day to harvest to ensure maximum quality premium essential oil production. Plus, they have distilleries on location to minimize the loss of the volatile oil compounds that quickly dissipate.

Don't Spoil it All by Overcooking!

After taking great care in growing, or buying, exceptional produce, you don't want to ruin it all by cooking it to death! Young Living feels the same way. They keep the heat and water usage as low as possible when distilling so that as many of the therapeutic aromatic compounds as possible are preserved.

When it comes to quality seed to seal premium essential oils, Young Living has set the standard for over 20 years! Plus, you can buy quality premium essential oils wholesale! buy quality seed to seal premium essential oils wholesale

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