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premium Bergamot Essential OilTherapeutic Grade Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus bergamia) fresh, sweet, citrus aroma is relaxing as it works at cleansing oily and troubled skin. This essential oil has been used for hundreds of years in the Middle East to treat many severe skin conditions caused directly or indirectly by an oily complexion. Topically putting a couple of drops on insect bites will calm and soothe the skin as well as making a good insect repellant.

Pure bergamot essential oil is known to have around 300 chemical properties – many that enhance and lift your mood naturally! – as well as being responsible for the distinctive fresh, sweet, citrus flavor in Earl Grey Tea.

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Premium Bergamot Essential Oil

Product Summary

Bergamot essential oil has a light, citrusy scent that creates a relaxing effect to help build confidence and uplift moods. Bergamot, Citrus bergamia, has been used in Italian folk medicine for many years. This essential oil has historically been used to soothe the effects of higher body temperatures. *

Product Story

Christopher Columbus is thought to have brought bergamot from the Canary Islands and introduced it to the Bergamo province of northern Italy. In addition to its wide use in Italian medicine, bergamot has also been used for centuries in the Middle East for skin conditions associated with an oily complexion. Bergamot is responsible for the distinctive flavor of the famous Earl Grey tea and was used in the first genuine Eau de Cologne.

Primary Benefits

Helps build confidence and enhance moods, especially during a woman's monthly cycle Assists the body in calming during times of stress or anxiety Aids in suppressing appetite when taken internally *

Did You Know?

Bergamot is a small tree with smooth, oval leaves that reaches about 4.5 meters in height. Its small, round fruit ripens from green to yellow and is similar in size and appearance to an orange.

Bergamot has traditionally been used to aid with minor feelings of anxiety. When mixed with lemon and orange essential oils, bergamot may also provide enhanced benefits. *

Bergamot is used as a primary ingredient for flavoring in Earl Grey tea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is bergamot essential oil extracted?

A: Young Living's bergamot essential oil comes straight from Italy and is cold pressed from the rind of the nearly ripe fruit - similar to most other citrus oils.

Q: What other Young Living products feature bergamot?

A: Bergamot can be found in a variety of Young Living products, including Progessence Plus, Awaken, Clarity, Dragon Time Bath & Shower Gel, Dream Catcher, Evening Peace Bath & Shower Gel, Forgiveness, Genesis Hand & Body Lotion, Gentle Baby, Harmony, Joy, and White Angelica.

* Modern scientific research has not yet validated these traditional claims.

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premium Bergamot Essential Oil
Aromatherapy Usage Information

This seed to seal premium essential oil is warm. While some people are able to use this essential oil without dilution from time to time, but it is generally recommended to dilute it 50/50 (1 part essential oil to 1 part V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex) - especially if using on sensitive areas such as the face, neck, underarms, etc. The recommended diffusing time is up to half an hour three times a day. Photosensitizing - avoid using on areas of the skin that will exposed to direct sunlight or UV rays within 12 hours after applying to the skin. Generally Regarded As Safe to use as a dietary supplement. Please keep in mind that your stomach is more sensitive as your skin - dilution highly recommended! Also, please remember that this same essential oil from another company may not be safe for consumption - check the label first!

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