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premium Lavender Essential OilTherapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) has a fresh, sweet, herbaceous, and floral aroma that is relaxing, balancing, refreshing, and calming both to the mind and body. This therapeutic-grade lavender is the most versatile of all essential oils and is highly regarded as being soothing to the skin, and to help with beauty. Lavender is an adaptogen which means it can help assist when adapting to imbalances or stress. Even though it is good for winding down before bedtime, this amazing oil has balancing properties that make it beneficial for boosting energy and stamina.

A French scientist was the first to discover lavender could be used to treat burns after he severely burned his arm in a laboratory explosion. He noticed a remarkable healing soon after using the lavender oil. It has since been studied for its relaxing effects as well as its possible uses as a cleaner for bruises, cuts, and other skin irritations.

Lavender is commonly used as perfume or as a fragrance in common households such as being used on dryer sheets.Pure lavender essential oil can also help enhance food flavors.

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Premium Lavender Essential Oil

Product Summary

Lavender is one of history's most celebrated and versatile essential oils. It is steam distilled from Lavandula angustifolia, a perennial, bushy shrub with a flowery top. Historically, Greeks used lavender as a perfume. The Romans used it in their baths for washing, for its cleansing qualities, and to deter insects. * The Egyptians used lavender as an ingredient in incense and perfume. Queen Elizabeth I used it in her tea to soothe tension. The many plant constituents in lavender essential oil contribute to a vast range of usage. Today, we use lavender as a tea and to cleanse, support normal sleep, ease occasional depressed moods, soothe sun-exposed skin, and reduce stress. * Lavender oil is one of the safest essential oils and can be applied neat to the skin. The benefits of lavender essential oil are limitless, and modern research will continue to yield new and exciting uses for this amazing plant.

Primary Benefits

Balances normal body functions *

Supports normal sleep *

Cleanses skin irritations *

Soothes and relaxes the mind and body *

Eases bodily tension and stress *

Who Should Use Lavender Essential Oil?

Those seeking a calming, relaxing influence and a break from hectic daily activities

Those looking for improved support for healthy skin *

Those looking for a lift in mental acuity and concentration.

Did You Know?

Young Living has three farms that grow lavender, located in Utah, Idaho, and France.

Inhaling lavender essential oil soothes and relaxes the body and mind.

French scientist Rene Gattefosse was the first modern scientist to document lavender's more dramatic skin applications. *

In ancient Greece, Pedanius Dioscorides, a physician, pharmacologist, and botanist, extolled the many qualities and uses of lavender.

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premium Lavender Essential Oil
Aromatherapy Usage Information

This seed to seal premium essential oil is very mild and can usually be used without dillution for all but the most sensitive skin. The recommended diffusing time is up to 1 hour three times a day. Generally Regarded As Safe to use as a dietary supplement. Please keep in mind that your stomach is more sensitive as your skin - dilution highly recommended! Also, please remember that this same essential oil from another company may not be safe for consumption - check the label first!

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