Essential Oil Testimonials

The following essential oil testimonials are experiences of real people that are passed on to you. Individual results may vary.

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Essential Oil Testimonials: Purification

While on a trip to Texas, we stopped at the Buffalo Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Amarillo. While it was beautiful and we saw lots of birds and gorgeous scenery, we were also attacked by those pesky mosquitoes. I may have also had a spider bite, as one of the bites became HUGE, over five inches in diameter and very swollen.

I put PURIFICATION oil on all my bites immediately, and all but the huge bite was gone the next morning. The huge bite took two days to disappear, instead of overnight, but it was GONE within two days. Normally, before I had these fantastic oils, the regular bites would last over a week and the huge bite would have lasted much longer and I would've been miserable. However, the Purification oil stopped the itching on all the bites within 20 minutes of applying it. I never leave home without my oil kit.

– Pam Frost

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Essential Oil Testimonials: Peace and Calming

My 6 year old son has had a problem with teeth grinding for the past year. I have consulted his dentist about it and was referred to wait until he is a little older to wear a mouthguard and was told not to worry until his permanent teeth came in.

When I tried peace and calming on him before bed, my intention was not to stop teeth grinding, but only to help him sleep more comfortably. What I noticed is that for every night I used peace and calming on him, he has stopped grinding his teeth completely! There were two nights of where I had forgotten to use the peace and calming blend on him and he started to grind his teeth heavily again.

I became a believer of Young Living oils since! I now use this blend every night on him as part of his bedtime routine and he sleeps soundly with no more grinding problems. I feel good that I do not have to wait for his permanent teeth, and that I won't need a mouth guard for him. I believe peace and calming will be the transition my son needs to help him stop grinding on his own without the use of a mouth guard. So far, I have been using this oil topically, but I plan to try this with a diffuser too about 1/2 hour before he goes to bed.

– Randi Shoshara

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Essential Oil Testimonials: Frankincense

[...] When I am feeling [sad and irritable], I inhale Frankincense and put a drop on the top of my head (crown chakra) and rub some on my forehead and the back of my head (brow chakra). It really calms me down. Sometimes I put one drop on the bottom of each big toe. This helps too.

– Xena Goodman

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Essential Oil Testimonials: Lavender

I do a little crafting from time to time and had quite a few projects to complete. I was hot glueing everything in sight!! Eight hours of pulling the little trigger of my hot glue gun left a blister on my right index finger about 1 inch long! And I had to bowl for my bowling league the next day. I used a band aid with two drops of lavender…left in on that night and the following day and by the time it was time to bowl, my blister was gone! I still bowled badly but not because of an impaired trigger finger! Gotta love this stuff!

– Wendy Ross

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Essential Oil Testimonials: Lemon

While at the Rodeo last year, a few of the people in our booth were complaining that the fried food was causing some discomfort in the throat, when we burped! I suggested we all put a drop or two of lemon oil in our water. This did the trick. My next burp a few minutes later had no acidic taste! People really wanted that bottle of lemon oil! Thanks Young Living!

– Gloria Maddick

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Essential Oil Testimonials: Peppermint

Besides myself and my amazing husband, peppermint was my very dear and loyal friend during pregnancy. I had ALL the symptoms that any book can describe: morning sickness, headaches, dizziness, very sensitive to smells, lack of energy, weird stomach and so on. I have to tell you, if you are pregnant or you know someone who is blessed by this process, do yourself/herself a favor and get a bottle or even two bottles of Peppermint right away! It helps me with Anything, even when the day is hot, I will rub it at the soles of my feet and aahhhhh! I will be completely refreshed. I was able to forget whatever at home, but never my Peppermint oil.

– Fe Bailey

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