Valid Business Opportunity Featuring Essential Oils or Pyramid Scam?

Often, when a person hears that a company offers an MLM business opportunity, they immediately assume that it is a pyramid scam. However, the Federal Trade Commission has an informative article showing that MLM is a valid business plan if the company offers a retail option.

Not only does Young living Essential Oils have a retail option, a monthly purchase is not required - even if you sign on to be an independent distributor to receive the best prices – unless, of course, you love the products and are intending to qualify for commissions.

This means a lot to me as I am a currently a customer of 3 other health based MLM companies and none of them has enough products that I am interested in using on a regular basis to maintain their required minimum monthly order, so have to pay retail prices instead of benefiting from their business opportunity.

It is not necessary to take advantage of the business opportunity in order to enjoy Young Living products at the lowest price available

follow the passion The majority of customers are not attracted to Young Living for the potential income, but to the consistent quality of the essential oils that provide results not found anywhere else. As the vitality, health, and energy improve for the user, others are drawn to them like a magnetic. It is then, after having positive, often life-changing, experiences that their passion is ignited and they are delighted to find that an unexpectedly easy-going business, with immense potential, is born! (at least, that is the way it was for me! smile)

Love for the products in the only reason you should join any business opportunity. Running a business requires passion and a belief that others will benefit from what you are offering. If you don’t have a love for the products you plan to be sharing to kindle your passion, then you set yourself up for failure.

Let’s compare MLM to other business opportunity models:

retail sales

Retail sales

My mother opened a health food store at one time. She was very enthusiastic and shared with the community with notices in the mail, newspaper, and radio. But, she lived in a remote area and, sadly, there simply were not enough customers to keep her store open. Thankfully, she only stocked products that she would use herself, so the inventory was not wasted. Most retail sales businesses don’t have that option.



If you have certain professional skills that other people need – like plumbing, electrician, carpenter, heavy equipment operator, child care, etc. – then you could certainly start your own business trading these skills for money. My father, as well as my ex-husband, has earned a modest income doing this, even while living in a remote area. You just need to be sure to obtain the proper equipment, licensing, and insurance before getting started…

franchise stores

Franchise stores

The great thing about franchises is that the company name is already recognized and it’s products or services are often in demand. However, there is a major investment ranging well above $10,000 in a building, inventory, training, marketing material… and that’s before you open.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

This option is alluring because it is completely free to get started. Even free, you have to have a passion for what you are promoting in order to invest enough time into getting word out that you recommend this or that product in order to turn your recommendations into a thriving business.

Obviously, all of these business opportunity ventures, aside from the affiliate marketing, require an initial monetary investment to get started. And none of them will succeed without sharing your enthusiasm about what you are offering. MLM is no different. However, the initial investment is very small compared to most of the other business models.

You can make a difference in the lives of others with unequaled products that deliver, then reap the rewards!

The key is in sharing. Sharing products with friends has been in practice since the beginning of time. In this case, Young Living rewards you financially for telling others about a product you love ... it's as simple as that. If you are excited about the changes in your life and tell others about it, then you can find wellness, purpose and abundance with Young Living.

Tools that work for this business opportunity make sharing easy!

There are more ways to share Young Living now than at any time in the company's 20 year history, making it as easy as possible for you to achieve financial abundance! These tools are available to you from the start:

  • support in a community willing to share experiences with each other
  • replicating websites with various options to fit your needs
  • YouTube videos and Flickr photos
  • plus, brochures, dvds, samples and such for in-person sharing.

Just let me know how you want to build your business and I will help as much as I can. Sharing options abound! A few favorites are:

  • online marketing
  • home parties
  • trade shows

If you want to begin an independent business opportunity of a lifetime, I recommend that you start by discovering for yourself the advantages of using Young Living's products. Then, share them with others at your own pace. In doing this, some have managed to develop residual monthly incomes ranging from $300-2000 in just a few months! (The Compensation Plan shows you in detail how this income is achieved.). Of course, like in any business opportunity, how quickly, or slowly, you start earning a lucrative residual income will depend a lot upon how much time you are able to invest.

Young Living Essential Oils

  • has a retail customer option for those uninterested in the business opportunity
  • has been in business for over 20 years
  • has over 600 desirable products in the thriving natural health industry – making repeat orders a common occurrence
  • ships products to 50 countries (that I know of)
  • has business offices in Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Europe, Peru, and Mexico
  • has a generous compensation plan designed to reward you for your efforts (as the videos below will show)

Part 1: Compensation Plan Introduction

Income Disclosure Statement

Income Disclosure Statement

Part 2: Creating a Foundation

Part 3: Ranks and Qualifications

Part 4: Building Your Business

It's simple to get started!

Like I've said before, you do not have to be an independent distributor to enjoy Young Living products - you can join as a customer for free and change your status later, if you wish. However, with the purchase a premium starter kit, you're automatically entitled to a wholesale pricing (24% off of all products) - whether you desire to pursue this unique business opportunity or only use the products for yourself!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery in wellness, purpose, and abundance with essential oils?

Valid Business Opportunity Featuring Essential 
                Oils or Pyramid Scam