Free Essential Oils? Yes – in 3 Ways No Less!

What is more exciting than getting wholesale essential oils? Getting free essential oils!

Ok, ok... I admit it.. getting paid is even better!!! wink We'll get back to that...

Acquiring free essential oils and other products is easy. I'm not talking about little samples either... these are the full size bottles that you would normally order! In the past year, I have gotten almost $500 worth of free products – not even counting commission checks – just using my favorite products! Wow Let me show you how!

Free Essential Oils with Qualifying Orders

free essential oils with order

Each month, Young Living offers a special promotion. Gifts are given with each qualifying order with bonuses for those enrolled in the Essential Rewards program. The bigger your order, the more gifts are given – with values that can exceed $200!

The really nice part is that they let you know what gifts are being offered for the month, so you know whether you want to place an order or not.

Curious about the current month's promotion? Check it out!

Free Essential Oils with Essential Rewards

free essential oils with rewards

The Essential Rewards program was designed to reward loyal members for placing regular orders every month. By participating in the program, members receive discounted shipping and up to 25% of their order in credits that can be traded for free products (shipping is extra).

Remember, if you are not using all of your essential oils every month (it's not uncommon – a bottle can go a long way!), you can change your auto-ship each and every month and still qualify for all of the benefits. And, with over 600 products in the catalog, it is super easy to make a monthly order of products that you love that, not only qualifies for the E.R. program, but will have the additonal benefit of receiving exclusive monthly promotional gifts! clapping

I must say... I LOVE my exclusive Loyalty essential oil! It smells GREAT! I only wish that I could order more instead of waiting for my annual gift! purple heart

What is Better Than Free Essential Oils? Getting Paid for Sharing!

paid for sharing

Being paid to share these products is pretty cool. I admit it... I love getting a check in the mail just doing what I would normally do – sharing my passion with interested people! Now, you don't have to contact anyone if you don't want to, but if you want to earn serious money right from home, I can help you make that happen.

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