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Introduction to Essential Oils - a beginners guide to seed to seal premium essential oil

Before you start exploring this introduction to essential oils for beginners guide, let me first tell you a little about myself and how I became involved in my essential oil business.

profile introduction to essential oilsMy name is Diana Kelley. I am a Christian, mother of two girls (whom I home-schooled), born in Wichita, Kansas and raised in a patchwork of places… you see, my Dad was in the Air Force, so we moved every four years – even spent 8 years in Germany… Today we live in Madison, South Dakota – a miraculous story of its own.

My initial interest in health began in earnest in 1994 when my ex-husband and I became engaged to be married. His family had many dietary restrictions such as abstaining from meat, dairy, or even sugar, oil or yeast! Now, giving up meat was simple for me as I didn't really like it to begin with – was vegetarian in my teens, though dairy products were still on the menu.

However, I did think…what was there left to eat??? Once I had a better grip on myself, I realized there actually is plenty to eat….all that was needed was to relearn the art of cuisine.

While adjusting to this new menu we found out that I was pregnant! This truly encouraged me to continue this healthier lifestyle change. Meanwhile, I became desperate for a piece of chocolate (which, I did not succumb to – even though it proved to be a major trial for me).

Our Introduction to Essential Oils

Since my father-in-law was a chiropractor, I had ready access to a wealth of information on the subject of alternative medicine. And, being over an hour away from the nearest hospital, I soon became comfortable with taking care of my family's cuts, bruises, colds and what-nots naturally - some times using nutritional supplements and herbs.

In 1999, my father-in-law received an interesting introduction to essential oils audio tape in the mail. After he listened to this tape, he ordered some of these oils. All I knew on the subject was from purchasing some essential oils while in Germany one time, to use as perfume… and I have to tell you… the perfume was not that great.

So, when he asked me to try this…well, I flat out refused, and wasn't about to listen to this tape he had either. Particularly since, I had completed my research… (You know, buying an essential oil once…) Besides, I had also heard that these oils were only used by non-Christian people who were into meditation, crystal balls and such… so, I had had enough information on this subject. Rather prejudiced from my initial introduction to essential oils, I realize, but that was indeed my mind-set at the time….

Meanwhile, my father-in-law was having many positive experiences with his new seed to seal premium essential oils and was sharing his experiences with others, who, in turn, tried the oils for themselves, and were also having positive results. This included even my ex-husband.

My Surprisingly Positive Introduction to Essential Oils

Call me stubborn, but my mind was made up….. I was still not convinced. Then, a few months later, I was having one of those PMS type days. You know the kind…like, when it doesn't matter what anyone says, you are ready to bite someone's head off. Well, my family suggested that I just try a little dab of one of these new essential oil blends. My feeling, of course, was…oh right…. this expensive perfume was going to help me with this attitude? Oh please…give me a break!

But then, my family pleaded with me to just try the stuff and maybe…just maybe, it would help. My attitude was…WHATEVER! So, to have them finally leave me alone…I quickly and haphazardly put a VERY small amount on my neck.

Oh, Wow…. It Smelled Wonderful!

My first thought was ….Okay, it would, at least, make a nice perfume. But I wasn't prepared for what would happen next….15 minutes later, I was crying my eyes out! I felt as though a very heavy burden had been lifted from my shoulders.

It was almost too good to be true! And that concerned me a bit… that this was not really something authentic – that this experience I was having was merely a normal, emotional swing. But then, entertaining the idea for a moment, I thought…what if it was true, what if this was the secret link to feeling better? I just knew that what I was currently doing was not working. So I decided that I at least, deserved, to find out the truth…Find out the truth of whether these health improvements were real or not.

All I knew for sure was that I began feeling sooooooo Relieved! …Feeling how my body was supposed to be working…..

And of course, I was concerned about the cost of the products…since I know that companies just don't give this kind of thing away.

And this is what I found:

My father-in-law who introduced these amazing products to me, actually underpromised their true benefits.

I started experimenting with the oils, and found that they actually worked much better than most of the herbs that we had been using! Finally, I decided it was time to listen to that tape my father-in-law had been given, in addition to reading a couple of books on aromatherapy. When I did, it hit me why these essential oils were so much more effective than the herbs. You see, essential oils are the life of the plant. They contain all of the active ingredients that are lost when herbs are dried.

WOW! No wonder they work better!

Once I learned that golden nugget of information, I decided to start sharing these oils with others (hence, this guide). And the more positive experiences I had, and seeing others have them too…well…the more I wanted to share this discovery.

Oh, I also found out that the cost was quite reasonable. I knew right then and there, I could dump all of my other products down the drain, and knowing I had discovered a product line that is, without a doubt, the best solution available.

Plus, I found that I was partially right on my initial mind-set…it can't just be any ol' essential oil from any old manufacturer. The oil that I had purchased from the health food store was truly nothing more than perfume. I knew that the essentials oils I wanted to share had to be ones that actually worked…and those oils are the ones that are premium. Turns out, I'm hooked on these premium oils that I originally wanted nothing to do with!

I have so much more to share with you that I created an Introduction to Essential Oils Beginners Guide! There is a lot of information but, one step at a time, right?

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