Berry Young Juice – the World’s Best Antioxidant Beverage

Berry Young Juice – the World’s Best Antioxidant Beverage

Health drinks are abundant. There are literally dozens of choices on the market, and sales have reached well over $100 million annually. 1 Obviously, the consumer's fascination with these drinks is the nutrition they propose to supply and the health benefits they say they can provide.

Young Living Essential Oils Distributors have the best, most complete health drink available with Berry Young Juice. What makes it the top of the line? One of the reasons is that while other health drinks help just one aspect of a person's well-being, Berry Young Juice is a blend of exceptionally nutritious and health-fortifying juices.

Berry Young Juice is not just another health drink. It includes a variety of power-packed juices that are filled with antioxidants. With a wide range of healthful benefits, Berry Young Juice holds a clear advantage over other products on the market.

ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a laboratory test developed by the United States Department of Agriculture researchers at Tufts University. The process is one of the most reliable and sensitive ways to measure antioxidants' capability to fight free radicals. When the ORAC scores of the main ingredients are totaled, it creates a synergistic effect that rates Berry Young Juice more than three times higher than its main competitor.

Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Free radicals are harmful elements that are introduced from the environment into our bodies through everyday activities. But because they are unstable and have extra energy they must get rid of, they react with some cells in the body.

A single human cell gets bombarded many billions of times a day by free radicals. This can play a negative role in more than 60 health conditions. It makes it impossible for the cells to function properly. Free radicals have many harmful effects on the body, including many of the unpleasant aspects of aging. Some effects of aging include poor eyesight, and a decline in energy and endurance.

Free radicals can come from oxygen. Some other ways that free radicals are introduced are through sun exposure, medical Xrays, automobile exhaust, cigarette smoke (including second-hand), alcohol, unsaturated fat, and other compounds from air, water, and food.

Antioxidants can fight the free radicals in three ways. They can prevent a free radical from forming. They can also interrupt an oxidizing chain reaction to lessen the effects of the free radical. Lastly, antioxidants can reduce the free radical's impact.2

The body produces some enzymes that fight many types of free radicals. Still, these enzymes need to be supplemented with other antioxidants.

That's where Berry Young Juice comes in. Simply stated, there is no substitute for Berry Young Juice, which is loaded with these free radical-fighting antioxidants that donate energy, but do not diminish the body's own ability to overcome free radical's effects. Every ingredient discussed below is included in Berry Young Juice.

Wolfberry Juice

The main ingredient in Berry Young Juice is wolfberry juice. The juice is made from the wolfberry. The most powerful known species of the wolfberry comes from an area near the Yellow River in the Ningxia Province of central China. This most potent variety, called the Ningxia wolfberry, is what Berry Young Juice is made from. The Ningxia wolfberry contains extremely high levels of polysaccharides, which are considered to be the sleeping giant of biotechnology. The wolfberry has been studied for its ability to support regular immune function. It is also known to support vision under subdued light and to reduce the time it takes to adapt to seeing in dark places.

The properties of the Ningxia wolfberry make it a powerful antioxidant. In fact, wolfberry juice is the top contributor in making Berry Young Juice the number one antioxidant product on the market today, according to ORAC research.

Vitamin C

Four enzymes are required for the construction of vitamin C. Because the human body lacks one of these, ascorbic acid is considered a vitamin. Because the body doesn't produce ascorbic acid, it has to come from our diet.

Berry Young Juice is the perfect way to obtain the necessary vitamin C. Amazingly, a single serving (one ounce) of Berry Young Juice supplies 267 percent of the daily value of antioxidant vitamin C.

Research on vitamin C, especially over the past three decades, has shown that the benefits are vast. There have been many studies conducted including those done by the National Cancer Institute and Food and Drug Administration on aspects of vitamin C's effectiveness 3,4 such as helping protect memory and mental decline as the body ages.

Blueberry Juice

The plant chemicals that give fruits like blueberries their colors are called anthocyanidins. These compounds, classed as flavonoids, are what provide blueberries with their health properties. One of the main benefits of anthocyanidins is that they actually support vision.5 This is important because many over the age of 60 in the United States are suffering from age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, the leading cause of blindness in adults in that age group.

Flavonoids are also known to help red blood cells fight stress caused by oxidation, and may help shield red blood cells against reactive oxygen molecules.6 This protection against oxidative damage helps with high blood-sugar levels, which causes complications in diabetics.

Flavonoids have been found to be supportive to regular immune function. Other benefits have been researched through animal studies, laboratory research, and population studies.7

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranates contain bioflavonoids, a member of the flavonoid family. Bioflavonoids are responsible for providing protection against damaging changes to cells. Bioflavonoids also help support normal circulatory health.8

A study shows that pomegranate juice provides very good protection against damaging changes to cells.9

Apricot Juice

The antioxidants that apricot juice provides to the body are called carotenoids. They are the source of color for many orange, red, and yellow fruits, flowers, and plant leaves.

During the oxidation process, an atom, molecule, or ion deprives another of one or more of its electrons. Carotenoids act as a key antioxidant, and potentially prevent the damage that free radicals cause to cells and tissues.10

Apricot and pomegranate juices, as well as several other fruits that are grown by the Hunzas, are dietary staples of the long-lived people. In fact, apricot orchards can be seen everywhere in this tiny country hidden in the mountain passes of northwest Pakistan.

Raspberry Juice

Ellagic acid and other important polyphenolic compounds naturally occur abundantly in red raspberry, as well as many other fruits and seeds. These important constituents inhibit the capacity of other chemicals and negative environmental factors that cause mutations.

This is important because so many of today's health problems are related to lifestyle issues. Problems such as pollution, toxins that enter our bodies through the environment or what we eat, and lack of sleep are just a few things that can break down healthy bodies. The benefits provided by raspberry juice help to build our bodies back up and weaken the effects of these negative chemicals.

Results of studies by both traditional and alternative medicine research points to ellagic acid's usefulness. 11

Drinking Berry Young Juice daily is also a perfect way to include essential oils in your life. Berry Young Juice is enhanced with the essential oils of lemon and orange. It is known that citrus oils contain the phytochemical d-limonene, used to support normal cell life cycles.

When the ingredients of Berry Young Juice are broken down and their benefits revealed, it is plain to see why so many people have embraced the Berry Young Juice phenomenon! The enormously popular and delicious-tasting super antioxidant product, with its several powerful ingredients working together to free the body of unwanted free radicals brings countless benefits to anyone seeking a healthier future. *


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Please note: Berry Young Juice has been replaced by the great tasting NingXia Red

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