Jan Weger: The Perfect Home-Based Business

Jan Weger Jan Weger's first exposure to Young Living Essential Oils came in 1997 when she received a phone call from her sister, Teri Williams, asking for her help with a very difficult pregnancy.

“This was Teri's third child,” says Jan. “She was having premature labor pains, and she needed help with her other children. Naturally, I decided to go and help her out.”

Terri had already begun using YLEO's Lavender Oil to soothe her troubling condition, and the effects were dramatic. “Every night I rubbed Lavender on the bottoms of Teri's feet and on her legs,” says Jan.

“After I went home, Teri continued doing this for several weeks, and she had a full-term baby.”

Jan's reaction was, “Wow-these oils are pretty strong! I want to know more about them.”

Jan was curious but skeptical, having an allopathic medical background that included a bachelor's degree in medical technology, ten years working in hospital laboratories, then a master's degree and several more years spent teaching people to be medical technicians. Nevertheless, she decided to order an Essential 7 Kit.

“I used it with my family for a variety of things,” says Jan. “As we got more and more results, I became hungrier for knowledge. During the first year and a half, I went to YLEO meetings and classes once or twice every month. Sometimes they were held in the evenings, sometimes they were all-day seminars.”

Her Confidence Grows

Little by little, Jan's confidence in the products and her level of understanding increased. All along she had been sharing the oils with people and, as her business started to grow, she realized that her commitment to Young Living was based on far more than the fact that it provided a potentially very profitable opportunity.

“After I had my children,” she says, “I always longed to have a home-based business so I could spend more time with them. I thought I had found that opportunity with another direct selling company, but the work still took me out of my home more than I wanted. Although it would have been possible to build a business with that company, my goal was always to be home as much as possible. And besides, I was never very passionate about their products.

“Young Living is a whole different story. My heart jumps with pride when it comes to their oils. I feel thankful every single day to my sister Teri for introducing me to the company and helping me grow my business. “

Discovering “Why”

According to Jan, her passion is an important key to her success. “There are several compelling reasons why I am in this business,” she says. They are:

1. The oils work. The oils are wonderful and really make a difference.

2. The integrity of the company can't be beaten. Young Living provides totally safe, effective solutions for health challenges with no side effects. “I love helping people break away from the world of pharmaceutical drugs and petrochemical products,” says Jan.

3. “My family loves the oils. We use them to build our immune systems, soothe sore muscles, improve our nutrition, and to cleanse and purify our home. When something comes up, the first thing my family asks is if there an oil for the problem, rather than going to the doctor.”

4. Jan is growing her business to the level of a six-figure income. When she reaches it, she says her family will have the ability to choose both flexibility and financial freedom.

Figuring out “How”

Jan began building her business by putting together educational pamphlets and handing them out, but she maintains that there are a number of ways to become successful. “If you like to teach, there are opportunities in study groups, church groups, neighborhood groups, community colleges, salons, and spas. If you are good on the phone, you can place ads in newspapers or magazines that list your phone number for people to call. If you like to write and know someone who publishes a newsletter, introduce the publisher to the oils. When he or she has a positive experience, offer to write an article for them about the rediscovery of ancient healing oils. Then put your name and address at the end of the article. We live in a technological age, so take advantage of that by getting a replicating website.

“Whatever you do,” she continues, “remember that everyone you introduce to the oils has a circle of influence. Always ask for referrals of people who need help. And after you contact them, be sure to follow up.”

Jan's Business Tips

Jan shared some of the tips that have brought her to the level of Ambassador Master Star:

1. Be a product of the products. “My family uses the oils, personal care products, supplements, nutritional products, dental hygiene products – everything.”

2. Share the oils and your story with anyone who needs greater health.

3. This is a business, so treat it like one. Set up an office in your home with the proper equipment, i.e., a computer, fax machine, 800 telephone number, and a separate phone line with voice mail capabilities. “Everything you do should look, sound, and be professional,” says Jan.

4. Know why you are building your business. Finding the “why” is the foundation of everything you do.

5. When you start building an organization, do a newsletter and send it out monthly either by mail or by e-mail. Fill it with product experiences and business building tips. “It is important for the people in your organization to have a connection with you. As you get bigger, teach your team leaders to do a newsletter for their teams.”

6. Find your strengths and develop them. Everybody has something they can do; build on that and then work on the areas you are weak in.

7. Keep on keeping on. “Don't ever give up,” says Jan. “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043

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