Mary Ervasti: Follow Your Heart

Mary Ervasti: Follow Your Heart Mary Ervasti wasn't looking for a way to improve her health. She wasn't looking for a new business, either. Like many Young Living Distributors, she was simply open to new possibilities, and they found her.

In the beginning, all Mary and her husband did was take a trip to visit a friend, Teri Williams. Teri told them about the oils and, later in the evening before they went to bed, gave them some Peace and Calming to try. The next morning, after an especially nice, restful night's sleep, Mary and her husband wanted to hear more about the oils.

“For about 20 years we had been implementing natural health practices whenever possible,” says Mary. “We moved away from white sugar and flour and toward organic foods. We understood the dangers of overusing antibiotics. So our experience with Teri excited us both-we wanted to take more responsibility for our health, and this seemed like a good way to do it.”

After they returned home, the Ervastis ordered an Essential 7 Kit. When a neighbor's small twin sons came down with a serious condition, Mary took bottles of Purification, Peppermint, and Lavender to the woman. Then Mary called Teri and asked if there was anything else she could do to help her neighbors. Teri overnighted Raven and R.C. to Mary.

“My neighbor told me that she had never seen anything that worked as fast or as consistently as these products,” says Mary. “One of the little boys had been plagued with similar but less serious problems for years, and nothing the doctors ever did worked as well.

“When my husband and I heard that, we decided we needed to purchase all the oils, so we ordered an Aroma Complete Kit.”

Soon afterward, Mary decided she wanted to sell the oils. It was then that she did something many people don't do-instead of listening to her head, she tuned into her heart. Mary felt impressed that the timing wasn't right, so the Ervastis continued using the oils throughout the next two years. At the end of that time, Mary still hadn't received a signal to go ahead. Interestingly enough, five months later she and her husband moved across the country to a new home.

Eight months after that, when she felt impressed that the timing was right, Mary started teaching friends about the oils at weekly meetings held in her home. A downline organization began developing under her as a result of these classes. Then, a few months later, Mary decided to hold a business builder launch in hopes of adding new people to her organization who were serious about building independent businesses. She invited 24 people she felt were good candidates. Of that number, five signed up, and Mary's business started taking off.

“I believe in building upon your talents and gifts,” says Mary. “My gift is teaching, so that's how I've built my business.” Mary's classes include health care professionals who want to explore the benefits and powers of the oils. She continues with her own education as well, attending company trainings whenever possible.

“The things we are taught in the training sessions, and the products we offer, are what the world is crying out for,” she says. “We are very privileged in this company to have access to the cutting-edge technology coming from Gary' s Young Life Research Clinic. We have the best products on the market, and I am excited to be in a position to share them with others,” she says.

Mary's Business Tips

1. Start with your vision. Decide what you want to do. Take time to listen to your inner voice. It may take a while-especially if there is “too much noise in your head” or too many outside influences interfering with your quiet time. “I ask for a lot of help from God on this one,” says Mary.

2. Once you have your vision, ask “How do I do this?” Again, listen to your inner spirit. You may also want to read spiritual materials or seek advice from people you respect who have already trod the path you are embarking upon. Don't be afraid of failing, especially at this point. People who are afraid of failing don't get very far in life. If you feel strongly that you should do something-even if it seems weird or awkward-do it. Even a tiny step can lead to another step that might be very important to your success.

3. Continue making your best efforts toward achieving your vision. Make sure your vision is positive, and keep your gifts – whatever they may be – in mind. You will exude a natural frequency that will attract people who will be a part of your vision. As you talk about your business to people who want to listen, discuss your vision and how excited you are about it. Help others solve their problems; this will give you more energy to devote to your vision.

4. Trust and believe that you will achieve your vision. As you work with others, encourage them to utilize their own gifts and to determine for themselves what their preferred approach is. Put them in touch with people who know something about that approach.

5. Relax and remember that there is such a thing as perfect timing. You can't sell to everyone, and you can't work with everyone. Be respectful of others' time and current situation, and be sensitive to their needs and wishes so you will know when people are prepared to accept what you have to offer.

6. Wait for your vision until it comes to you. Remember the 80/20 rule. “I believe if I wait for my divine connections, I can reverse that ratio,” says Mary. “In the meantime, I do what I know to do and stay tuned into the ‘little promptings.'” Don't try to manipulate outcomes; work on yourself by learning about the products and your own approach to the business. Prepare yourself to recognize and receive people who are supposed to be a part of your vision.

Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043

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