Add Years to Your Life

Carolyn Cummings Name: Carolyn Cummings
Career Background: Finance Department at General Motors Corporation
With Young Living: Since 1993
Why Young Living: The character of Gary and Mary Young
Success Formula: Keep it simple and set goals

Carolyn Cummings took an early retirement from a General Motors corporate position in the finance department after working there for 35 years. She said, “Taking an early retirement was something I had looked forward to, but unfortunately I discovered that the typical corporation does not provide enough of a retirement to really live on.”

It was at this time that Carolyn's friend, Elaine Finster, introduced her to Young Living. “Elaine contacted me and said that she knew about a meeting she thought I would be interested in,” said Carolyn. “I attended the meeting and heard Gary Young speak for the first time. And that was it. I immediately recognized the incredible value of therapeutic-grade essential oils. I was also very impressed with the sincerity and honesty of Gary and Mary Young. I knew in my heart that Young Living was something wonderful, and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Carolyn said, “I had been searching for natural health remedies for a long time. When I saw the almost immediate results of Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils, it was an answer to prayers. It was amazing to see something so powerful and so natural working to benefit our family.”

Her personal success story is a simple one. Carolyn said, “My success is based on sharing Young Living products with everybody. It is simple, but it works.” She also advises distributors to do at least two or three meetings a month. “You have to set goals for yourself. It is important to educate your organization and keep your associates up to date on things going on in the company. It is so important to share the wealth of knowledge that is provided by Young Living. Everyone in your downline needs to be current on Young Living's new products and oils, including the new uses of the oils and all the new research that is being done.”

Since attending this year's Annual Grand Convention, Carolyn has noticed that the excitement in the field for animal applications has been incredible. She said, “Everyone is so excited about the wonderful applications the essential oils have for animals. It is really booming.”

Speaking about Young Living as a company, Carolyn said, “I am totally amazed at how Young Living has not only grown, but also grown up. I have seen so many great changes over the years. The high quality of the essential oils has not changed, but the marketing has improved dramatically.”

Sharing her advice to new distributors, she said, “My advice is to use the oils. New people need to try as many of the essential oils as they can. Until we try Young Living products, we will not realize the amazing power they contain. Once people try Young Living pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, they will have their own testimony of their effectiveness. And then they will get excited.

“Longevity is such an important topic today that everyone is trying to develop new products,” Carolyn said. “But Young Living has the real stuff. I am now over 60 years old. When you get as old as I am, you start to look around and ask yourself-where am I and where did the years go? Young Living has given me and many other people the knowledge that we can improve our bodies, minds, and spirituality through the products, and that we can be around another 40 or 50 years. Now, instead of just sitting around and worrying about being on the downhill swing of life, we can be excited for the future.”

Carolyn added, “At my age, it is incredible that with the proper use of Young Living products I can still have half of my life ahead of me. Thank you, Young Living!”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043