Dreams Do Come True

Career Background: Health Food Store Owner
With Young Living: Since 1998
Why Young Living: She tried the oils and they totally impressed her
Success Formula: You must be interested in helping others

Judy DeRuvoJudy DeRuvo was a health food storeowner who was very upset when she learned that many of the items normally found in health food stores are not all they claim to be.

“I closed my health food store when I discovered that some health food items are not really all that good for you,” said Judy.

“I became associated with Young Living essential oils after listening to a ‘Missing Link' tape that a neighbor loaned me. Hearing it was a profound experience. I realized that Young Living was on the cutting edge of something really great. I've always been an adventurous soul who wanted to change the world. I felt like I could really make a difference through Young Living.”

Learning about essential oils was “the piece of the health puzzle that made all of the other pieces make sense to me,” said Judy. “It was a natural fit. I was so impressed by the purity of Young Living essential oils.” As a result, she had no problem sharing the oils with others. Her newfound knowledge allowed her to merge everything she already understood about health into a single, clear philosophy. The first oils she bought were Abundance and Harmony. “I was totally impressed by the power of the oils.

“One of the things I really enjoyed when I first started using oils was being able to help my small children,” said Judy. “They didn't have to drink or swallow any thing-I could just rub some oils on them.”

Judy's business success formula is based on truly being interested in helping others. Her advice for new distributors is to use the products and develop some personal stories. She said, “This has to come from your heart. You have to really listen to people. You need to understand their needs and help them accomplish their goals. People respond to the truth and genuine care. It has to be real.”

Judy's love of nature is also a driving force in her life. “I am passionate about essential oils because I feel that they connect me to the earth. I have always liked being ‘in nature. ‘ It regenerates me. And now I can get that same feeling with a bottle. With essential oils, I can take the feeling of nature with me anywhere.”

Young Living has allowed Judy and her husband to completely change their lifestyles. “My husband left his 8-5 job after only four and a half years. We are almost ready to retire to Australia to follow our dream of raising our children in a beautiful environment that is very nourishing to them. Young Living has shown us a way to be financially independent, to be together, and to do work that we love.”

Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043