Every Kid Wanted Monster Juice

Every Kid Wanted Monster Juice

When she was introduced to Young Living, Tracy Ulrich already had considerable experience in network marketing. With a Masters Degree in Education, she had been a teacher before she retired and decided to work in network marketing. However, Tracy was not very pleased with her initial experiences in multi-level marketing. “The network marketing companies I was involved with didn't last. They were all ‘hype' companies with trendy products that hit fast and then just faded away.” These unstable companies and negative experiences made Tracy very skeptical of the entire network marketing industry. “I wanted someone to prove to me that a good company really existed.”

Even after Tracy became acquainted with Young Living, she was still skeptical. “I loved Young Living products, but I kept looking for something that wasn't authentic or genuine about the company. I even drove to Utah and checked out the farm. The more I looked, the more I discovered that Young Living was a company with absolute integrity and honesty.”

Tracy has had many positive experiences with Young Living essential oils. One of her favorites was with her young son. “My son was having nightmares. I decided to put Valor in a bottle with mixing oil. My son and I labeled it ‘Monster Juice.' I told my son that if he woke up with a nightmare, he could use the oil to triumph over any bad dreams.” Her son loved it. “He would spray it on his pillow and put some on himself before he would go to bed. It was amazing. Pretty soon all the kids in the neighborhood knew about my son's ‘Monster Juice' and they all wanted some. All these children just needed something to give them strength to conquer their dreams.

“Now that my son is older, he uses Peace & Calming. He said that the only problem is that now he sleeps so deeply that he sometimes doesn't hear his alarm in the morning.”

Tracy's personal Young Living business success formula is twofold. “First I am completely focused on helping my distributors earn a good income. And second, I am determined, committed and consistent.” Tracy teaches her people that the key to success is for them to follow her example and to not be afraid to work hard. “I like to work and I like to help others.” Tracy is always available to help others. “When I sponsor someone into the business, I feel an obligation to make sure they are successful.

“In 2000, I started the Essential Oils Health Line on the Internet. It is an essential oils news group that I moderate. It has close to 4000 members and is one of the largest alternative health newsgroups on Yahoo.”

As she has used Young Living products, Tracy has truly become a product of the product. “I share my experiences with everyone. And as I share with people, they in turn will experience Young Living products and then share their own wonderful stories. It makes me feel so good to have helped people change their lives. Because I have shared, I have helped others. And they in turn go out and help more people. And that cycle of sharing is how we at Young Living are going to make the world a better place for everyone.”

Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043

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