How To Live Forever

Name: Toshiko Suter
Background: Housewife
With Young Living: Since 2000
Why Young Living: The products are as good as the company claims
Success Formula: Exercise and use Young Living products

Toshiko SuterToshiko Suter was introduced toYoung Living by a friend, Phyllis Robert, who shared positive experiences with the oils. “Phyllis was very serious about her feelings concerning Young Living and essential oils,” said Toshiko. “In fact, I made a joke out of it. Finally, after she talked to me for a while, I decided to try Sulfurzyme.” Toshiko ordered some Sulfurzyme but, when it arrived, she was still a little skeptical. It didn't take long, however, for her to realize something incredible was beginning to happen inside her body. Toshiko said, “Within two days I began to feel better. I thought, ‘Wow, this stuff really works!' “

After her positive experience with Sulfurzyme, Toshiko's curiosity was aroused. She had been investigating alternative medicine for a long time and was looking for products that actually worked as well as manufacturers claimed they would. She said, “I am allergic to many drugs, so I have always been interested in alternative medicine. When I heard about Young Living, and after trying Sulfurzyme and finding that it really did work, I thought maybe this company is for real. So next I bought a reference book and read it from cover to cover. I loved it. I read about Rosewood helping the skin, so I bought some.” Again Toshiko had a good experience with Young Living products. “I tried the Rosewood essential oil and it was amazing.”

Toshiko learned first hand how families in the traditional Japanese culture take care of one another. “I was raised in Japan, and while growing up I lived with my parents and my grandparents. At the time I thought that it was a difficult life for me. I had both my parents and my grandparents telling me what to do all the time. But looking back, I realize the wisdom my grandparents shared with me. They taught me the things that I do today to stay healthy. They taught me to eat right and I exercise religiously every day.”

An animal lover, Toshiko has five Pomeranian dogs. “One of my dogs lost most of the hair on its hind legs and the rear part of its body. One day I decided to try applying Oregano to the parts of the dog where the hair had fallen out. After I put on the Oregano, I applied some Peppermint. The next day I put Lavender on the dog. I would alternate this treatment every other day. Within a few months the hair came back beautifully.”

Toshiko is very young looking for her age. She said, “I am 73 years old and my friends say that I look no older than 52.” She laughed and added, “The only thing that makes me look older is my hair.” Toshiko has beautiful white hair. “I have pure white hair, but I love it. It reminds me of Mount Fuji in Japan. And like Mount Fuji-I'm never going to die.”

Her advice to new distributors is to use the oils and find out for themselves that they work. She said that people can only believe how great essential oils are after they have tried them for themselves. “I tell everyone that they must use the Young Living oils every day. If they do this, they will find out that Young Living oils and products are really as good as we say.”

Toshiko summed up her feelings by saying, “People need to eat right and exercise. If they do this and use Young Living products, they will live healthy lives-and maybe, like me, they will live forever.”

Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043