I Never Have to Apologize for Young Living

Name: Julia Ferguson
Career Background: Medical Office Manger
With Young Living: Since 1995
Why Young Living: Gary's high standards and integrity
Success Formula: I believe in the oils

Julia FergusonJulia Ferguson heard about Young Living through her long time friend, Rita Anderson. “Rita told me about Gary Young,” said Julia, “and sent me tickets to go to Denver to hear him speak.”

Julia attended the meeting and was very impressed when she heard Gary Young. “I was so impressed with his high standards and integrity that I signed up immediately and bought an Essential 7 Kit.” Julia had a passion for alternative medicine that helped her appreciate Young Living. “I had been studying alternative medicine for about 22 years. When I heard Gary speak, what he said made perfect sense and seemed to expand upon all that I already knew.”

Since becoming a Young Living distributor, Julia has had many wonderful experiences with essential oils. “My son was going into Marine boot camp and had some serious foot problems. I helped him with the oils, and within three days his feet were fine.”

Julia says that, although she has had many incredible experiences with the oils, she always encourages new distributors to use them and find out about them for themselves. “New distributors need to concentrate on becoming familiar with Young Living and as many of the products as possible. They must use the oils. If they use Young Living products faithfully, they will have their own experiences.

“Young Living will have a powerful impact on anyone's life who is open and willing to give the products a try,” says Julia. “Young Living has helped me become empowered emotionally, physically and financially.”

Julia advises new distributors to develop a relationship with their uplines. “A good upline will give people the boost they need, especially in those times of challenge when everyone could use a little extra push.” Julia also supports continuing education. “Learn as much as possible. Read all the Young Living reference materials and digest them. Be completely familiar with Young Living.” Training is important as well. “Go to the Young Living trainings and meetings. This is very important.”

Julia loves people. “I love to keep in touch with people. I love to do meetings and one-on-ones. I believe in using quality time to help people understand about Young Living and all of its wonderful products. The power of Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils is amazing.”

She continues, “People need to be open to life. They should not be afraid to experience new things. Young Living can enhance lives in so many ways. It can benefit people physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. It can add so much, making people's lives more complete. I firmly believe that Young Living will make a vast difference in anyone's life.

“Young Living is the first thing in my life that I have never had to apologize for. I can speak about it without fear. I am so convinced that it can help people on all levels. I have done things I have never been able to do before. I can share Young Living to my dearest and closest friends without worry because I know it will work for everyone. I completely believe in Young Living and its products.”

Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043