Jeffrey Lewis: No Limitations

Jeffrey LewisJeffrey Lewis knew the first time he encountered the scent of Young Living essential oils that he had discovered an incredible treasure. Recalling that first experience, he said recently, “The fragrance of the oils settled right into my brain. I couldn't let go. My partner, Gailann Greene, had attended a session with two wonderful Native American healers who used essential oils. When she came out of the session, I thought wow! What does she have on? And that was my introduction to Young Living.”

In the beginning of his association with Young Living, Jeffrey and Gailann were on a very tight budget. “It took us three weeks to pool our money so we could purchase an Essential 7 Kit and a bottle of Valor. We loved the oils so much we used them all in a couple of weeks. We were very excited to order more and replenish the uplifting feeling we had with our first experience with Young Living oils.”

Jeffrey said his desire to build a business grew over time. “It took us two years to get into the business side of Young Living.” Some time after he began using the oils and experiencing their incredible benefits, Jeffrey's career with another network marketing company collapsed. “I loved the oils and decided to focus on Young Living as a business,” he said. ‘That is the key to success. You must be able to focus.”

Attending his first Young Living Grand Convention lit a fire within Jeffrey that still burns brightly today. “Meeting Gary and Mary Young was a real turning point for me at my first Young Living Convention. I was tremendously transformed by seeing Gary and hearing his vision. Going to the farm was also a huge thing because it made it all so real for me. I could see the whole picture, from the planting of organic seeds, the harvesting and distilling of the plants, to bottling, packaging and shipping the finished product to our door. After Convention I felt compelled to share all the information I knew about Young Living.”

Jeffrey went back to his home in New Jersey and started building his business. “Distributors grow their groups one person at a time. It is amazing to watch average people with goals and determination begin to achieve great results. Even though most people do not think they are leaders, when they catch the Young Living vision and begin to share the oils, their business grows.

“My success formula is really caring about people. You need to help people overcome their limited thinking. Gailann and I challenge everyone to shift their consciousness and realize that anything is possible. I believe strongly in supporting others and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

“I feel the business concept of Young Living is very important because we often need to heal financially as well as physically or emotionally. If we do not have financial health, we are very limited. You cannot afford to buy oils if you are not making any money. Learning to use Young Living's business building resources is vital. To accomplish my goal of helping thousands of people become well, I had to learn basic business skills.”

Jeffrey has great advice for new distributors. “People need to understand the nature of network marketing. The defining structure of this business is based on the fact that you are accountable only to yourself. You don't have a boss. You are the CEO and chief bottle washer of your own organization.” He goes on to explain, “In a traditional business you have a boss who totally controls your work environment. You are told how to work, when to work, and even when to eat. Network marketing is like going to college. You are in control of your time and what you do with it. Your rewards are based solely on your efforts.”

Network marketing is a business Jeffrey loves because it gives him the opportunity to help others. “Where else do you see people helping others become successful? Lifting people up and helping them become better than you are is the key to success in network marketing. Where can you find that kind of personal support in corporate America?”

Speaking about the commitment needed to succeed in network marketing, Jeffrey said, “Many people say that they will try network marketing for a month or two and then, if it doesn't go well, they quit. People need to stick with it at least three to five years. Network marketing is unlike any other type of business. You need to stick with it.”

His advice on helping people gain commitment is to get them to attend Convention. “Getting your people to attend the Young Living Grand Convention will inspire them more than anything else you can do. When they meet Gary and Mary and feel their genuine love and commitment, and then connect with the farm, they will be excited.”

It is not all business with Jeffrey – sharing the oils is also very important. He is known to apply oils to anyone who gets within three feet of him. Jeffrey said he has enjoyed witnessing hundreds of positive experiences with people using Young Living essential oils.

Jeffrey is a great example of a dynamic business person who really cares about helping others and who has achieved great success by helping others succeed. “The best thing is witnessing the organic process of personal growth as distributors transform into leaders. It is incredibly fulfilling to be a part of the process of helping others enjoy financial freedom! It is wonderful to see the changes in people's lives when they experience the oils for the first time! We love to see people's health issues disappear and witness the changes as their family dynamics become healthier.”

Jeffrey Lewis is an amazing inspiration to everyone at Young Living. His personal example gives us all the courage to achieve our highest dreams and to believe that there really are no limitations!

Jeffrey's four important keys to building a Young Living business:

1. Learn all you can about Young Living's products and marketing plan.

2. Focus on building great relationships with your upline leaders, your team members, and everyone else you meet.

3. Keep current with the evolving nature of network marketing through reading, listening to tapes and attending seminars.

4. Continually sharpen your marketing skills and stick with your business.

5. Set both short- and long-term goals and help people in your organization do the same.

Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043